Friends and Family at JJ Buckley - 40% off a bunch of bottles

Ends 12/20 at 3pm.

(I’m not affiliated in any way - just browsed the selection and came away impressed. Please move, or delete, if this is in the wrong place)

Decent price, after discount, on the 2008 Soujourn Rodgers Creek pinot. I’d bite if I wasn’t trying to thin out the cellar a bit. The 2007 JJ Prum looked decently priced too.

I was really tempted by the JJ Prum and Dehlinger Chard.

there are some killer deals in there

all the sojourn prices are awesome

Thanks Tom! I very quickly filled up a case. Some decent Burg deals and great prices on '07 JJ Prum. Not to mention Yellow Tail!

I just bought the rest of the '99 Dunn Howell Mt. Sorry if anyone wanted any :frowning:

06 gouges look good at $41. not a super deal but cheaper than anything on ws

Sojourn deals look fantastic. I’m in for a few.

Good tip. I ordered Lamaione, Col Solare, and Biale. Great deals…

wondering if i should pull the trigger on 07 Prum GKA Wehl Sonn Auslese. I already have a lifetime supply of 06 Prum GrHimm GKA. Do I really need 4 of this 07 bottling?

Thanks for posting … I think

I am now a few hundred dollars poorer … and probably in trouble. [pile-on.gif]

Prum pricing is absolutely s-i-c-k! [swoon.gif]

Just bit for a case of Sojourn pinot… a no brainer. [berserker.gif] [snort.gif]

Great price on 2007 Monte Bello as well if you need to fill that one up

2006 Two Hands Some Days Are Diamonds CS, made by TRB.

$16 and change.

Got a 6er of the 08 Sojourn Rodgers creek

no brainer at $22

Yeah – that was in my cart. Like an idiot, I figured I’d deal with in when I got to work this morning. [oops.gif]

for $50 the 04 pape clement seems like a deal

thinking about grabbing a few of those too

Maybe I’m math-impaired. Or do your guys know a super-secret extra discount code that I’m missing? I show the Two Hands Diamonds at $45 gross, or $27 after 40% off. Sojourn Rodgers Creek at $47 gross, $28 net. Where are y’all getting the lower prices you’re coming up with. I just ordered, but of course would rather pay less.

when I add the sojourn rodgers creek to my cart this is what comes up

What he said.