Fresh Honey

Our local Honey producer has closed up shop and I have no place to get fresh honey. It is best in the spring with the fresh clover. Where is a good source for online honey. I know tastes will vary by region.

Let me know where you get yours.

Lots of online sources, but I prefer local honey when I can get it. It helps the system fight allergies! I always pick mine up at local farmers markets, so that might be the first place I would check before venturing online.

LOcal is where i am going first. but so far they do not have any fresh, too much rain to keep the pollination process asleep. Thanks for the allergy advise. I did not think about that.

I have a good friend who makes his own honey. I trade him wine for honey. Makes everyone in my family happy.

In the past, I have found good local honey by going to farmers markets.

I have no recommendation other than waiting until local is available…Which is what we do but we don’t use a lot of honey, either. Yes, yes, yes, fresh is always best. You might check the internets or best possible choice from a good grocery store.