Freschello Vino Rosso

Well, I’m pretty new around here and don’t know much about wine and even less if it’s not German. Our cook is Italian and my Norwegian wife also learned to cook in Italy. They knew each other there which ultimately resulted in the cook coming here too. Apparently, when in Italy they used to drink Freschello Vino Rosso and say it was very popular there. So, it’s pretty much what they drink in the kitchen, these days. They like it but I can’t say I care much for it. Should I be giving this more of a chance or is keeping it in the kitchen a good plan?

All comments appreciated.
I need all the help I can get.


FWIW - Our house wine, if you will, is Riesling Kabinett and we’re upping our game there thanks to a lot of good advice I’ve otherwise received here on the forums.

I am not familiar with Freschello. Have you tasted Barbera d`Asti…some nice ones out there.

I don’t know it, but from the name it sounds like industrial plonk. A quick visit to their website confirmed it.

Well, I understand it’s the best-selling table wine in Italy. Perhaps a popular everyday wine is not a good recommendation? Can anyone recommend some Italian wines you like that would be good with Italian food? I suppose our dinner bottle of wine is usually maybe $25 American although less or more is ok. I’m thinking I could bring home a bottle sometimes when we are having an Italian dinner - which is pretty much all the time…

All help appreciated,