French Toast Anyone?

When I go to sourdough, ya’ betcha I’ll go savory on it.

La Boulangerie makes a croissant toast. The SO liked that compared to regular loaf bread.

I’m with you, Jay. Of course, I don’t really eat anything sweet including fruit, so it’s no surprise I prefer savory.

Yes savory works, a couple of pieces of Canadian bacon and a certain someones hot sauce on top and life is good! (my last shameless plug don’t want it to go to his head)

Not this paragon of humility!

Jay Miller just shook up my French Toast world! Now there is a whole new world to explore that I never knew existed!

We love to make savory French toast (but call it pain perdu, because we’re frightfully snobby) and serve as a small dinner course with sauteed wild mushrooms. Great foil for Burgundy.

Panettone makes amazing French toast or bread pudding.

My daughter’s been requesting FT all the time recently so I’ve made it a lot. She likes wheat with hers, while I prefer Challah, brioche, or whatever day old bread I have around that is more substantial than a packaged sandwich slice. Custard is egg, half and half or whole milk, cinnamon, and vanilla. For adults, sometimes a bit of rum or bourbon instead of vanilla, or orange liquor. Bourbon barrel aged maple syrup and dusting of powdered sugar.

I rarely eat breakfast, and very rarely eat a sweet breakfast, but if I do then FT or bread pudding is my preference. Not a fan of pancakes (though I make them for the kids a lot too), don’t have a waffle iron. Do like crepes on occasion.

We had a plastic bag with baguette slices in the back of the refrigerator leftover from several days ago. Set us up for truly pain perdu French toast. I added a little vanilla and maple syrup to the egg and milk mixture. Nice texture and even enhanced flavor from the bread I thought.
The French know how to eat well !

We like French toast in our house. I don’t have anything to add to this thread other than I always cook it on our electric griddle. It’s great for holding a steady and slightly lower temp than normal, and has a very large work surface, so as to cook the entire family’s servings at once. I usually add a little bit of simple syrup made with brown sugar instead of granulated, just to sweeten it up a bit. I personally then like my FT with peanut butter and maple syrup.

Jacques Pépin uses ice cream to make his. I’ve never tried it.

Challah and brioche are the way to go.

I make French toast maybe once a year. I add a splash of orange juice instead of sugar to the egg mixture.

Use both cinnamon and chili powder in the egg dip.

Around the holidays we normally make French Toast with panettone. Very rich.

Just realized I posted same thing last year on this thread. Lol.

Yes. This is what I do. It’s been a long time since I’ve made French Toast, though.

If you haven’t yet tried it, all you french toast lovers should make a batch of the creme brulee french toast. The internet offers a few recipe variations (e.g. food network, NYT cooking), but in general I leave out the corn syrup if it’s spec’d–I prefer maple syrup at the end.

Breakfast cooking for Mother’s Day. Six slices of brioche soaked in a 50/50 mix of milk and orange juice, with vanilla and cinnamon added. Tasty.

Happy Mother’s Day!

No egg at all?

Guess I did forget about that KEY ingredient in writing up my ‘recipe’. Fortunately, I did include an egg when I made it.
Duh on me!


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