Freezing peaches

We managed to get some gorgeous peaches; there are enough left over to freeze. The internet has warring recipes,some say to add lemon juice others not. Anybody try this?

Use Alton Brown’s method. Use crushed Vitamin C.

We had peach trees when I was a kid. I remember seeing our fridge with dozens and dozens of peaches. I think my mom used to use something called “fruit fresh”.

A well made homemade peach pie with crumb topping is about the best thing I’ve ever eaten.

We use lemon juice to help Mangoes not turn brown when freezing.

I used to use lemon and a tiny bit of sugar - 1/2 tsp sugar, 1 lemon for @ 8 peaches after they were peeled and sliced. (Peel by dipping in boiling water. Been a lot of years though since my old canning, freezing, bake all our bread days!

If you may want to do more freezing etc, grab a copy of the Ball Canning Jars Blue Book - it’s a great guide to doing all sorts of preserving.

I also freeze a lot of peaches at peak. Have never used lemon juice or sugar and never had browning issues. Blanch to peel, slice, lay out on parchment-lined sheet pan and freeze (I do work pretty quickly to get them into the freezer). After frozen, vacuum seal. Not quite as good as fresh, but pretty, pretty, preeettttyyyyy good for year-round peaches, especially for things like mixed with yogurt and granola, pancakes, etc.

This is my last pack from last year (which means I froze just the right amount).

Redskins? That’s not ok anymore!!!

Lol! I will have to notify the orchard and the horticultural society!