Free Shipping on 2007 Rivers-Marie Cabs

Sorry if this has already been posted, but I was real excited to see that the 2009 Rivers-Marie newsletter is up. Interesting read, as always but the highlight is FREE SHIPPING (!!!) on the 2007 cabs. TRB also says the 2008 pinot/chard allocations will go up to 15 bottles in January.

The free shipping is especially great news for me because I am nearing the end of my wine budget for the year and R-M was my last must buy. I was worried about stretching it out and this is a huge help.

Great wine and great relationship-building.

If the free shipping continues for the next mailer I’ll be giddy.

That’s real good news, I’m a buyer for sure.

I’m in regardless because I love the wine, but it is a fantastic bonus!

In, as well.

here is the link if anyone wants to view:" onclick=";return false;

Was there an email offer???

Frank thanks for the link.
How does someone not pick up there wine from 4 releases ago? [mouth-drop.gif]

not yet. btw did it say anywhere when it’ll be offered?

Wow, production up to 400 cases. Franzia watch out.

No news for me, as it looks like I’m still on the wait list.

Haven’t gotten the e-mailer yet, but as I recall, the newsletter often goes up on the web site a few days before the blast goes out? I haven’t tried to log in to my account yet … should do that.

I had a bottle of the 2003 Cab recently, I think it was … and it was drinking very well. A 2006 a month or so ago also was quite pretty and young. These are fine wines. And the label is awesome.

I just tried – not up yet. I think the email goes out today, but I could be wrong – and honestly, wouldn’t mind if I was.

Email offer now received…

Funny. I just logged in about 30 minutes ago … nothing. Then the e-mail just arrived. Game on!

Same here…email just hit my inbox!

Wish they shipped to MA/NH/RI.

Email received - order placed.

Email received.

I’ll take my entire case allocation, but am open to sharing a bottle with those that are less fortunate and don’t have a last name that sounds like Stevie or choirs.

Do the Will Call option and I’ll get it for you when I am out there in October and someone can mule it back to you from DFW…calling Gimli…on their next trip down.

Not a bit napa cab fan, but will probably take a few bottles like last year. Fun every once in a while and the pricing is great. If anyone in Seattle wants a few bottles, let me know.

So has anyone tasted this, or did I miss that thread?