Free Invites - Jose Peñin "Top Wines of Spain" - March 20th SF

I have free invitations for ITB’s for the Jose Peñin Top Wines of Spain event on March 20th in SF at the Bentley Reserve. Peñin has a short talk on rare Spanish grape varieties from noon to 1pm then a walk around tasting of wines from more than 70 Spanish Wineries 1-6pm. These are wineries that received high acclaim in his newest Guia Peñin 2012. Anyone ITB that wants to go please PM me and I’ll send an invite.

As an added bonus you’ll be able to taste my wines poured by my husband/winemaker Juan!

I have another post mentioning organizing an OL the night before or that evening with Juan if anyone is interested too.

Why on a week day? [swearing.gif]

Do your grapes even know if it is a weekday? [scratch.gif]

No, but my boss does. blush

Well “I” think your boss should ask you to go to the event… just sayin.

Seriously, it’s sort of a pisser being scheduled during the beginning of the work week. Some one should mention that to Jose. [scratch.gif]

They have had a number of Consumers request to attend as well, so starting at 4:30 they will be opening the tasting to Consumers with prior confirmation. Let me know if anyone here has an interest in tasting.