Fourrier 2022 at Crurated

I was considering bidding on 2022 Fourrier at Crurated.

Just wanted to see if anyone has bought from them recently and has already dealt with shipping?

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Have bought some but still in barrel until fall 2024

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More like Spring 2024.


Yep, was loose in words using Crurated’s “barrel” terminology. My first purchase isn’t shippable until October 2024.

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Given Fourier is doing DTC via Crurated, one would guess that EP allocation would go down ? Maybe because I never had a direct allocation but seems like this would create a more level playing field. Keen to hear from others more knowledgeable on this.

Just now hearing about this. Curious if anyone else has experience with shipping to US

Seems unlikely anyone will have experience with shipping—most of the in-stock offers have been items priced above auction pricing. Definitely some amount of risk buying from a new venture, but given the domaines they are working with, even if they overexpand or make poor business decisions along the way, expect they should at least be able to deliver one or two vintages before any strain starts to show. Even though the pricing is often not that attractive, I like the ability to choose large-format bottles for futures orders.

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I don’t care about wine nearly enough to jump through these ridiculous hoops. I’m just glad that I was fortunate enough at one time to acquire such wines by ordering the ones I wanted and then paying the entirely affordable bill.

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This thread reminded me that I have wine I ordered from them back during the free-trial period. Good time of year to ship, so I just sent the request. I will let you know what they ding me for it.

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6 bottle case or 12 bottle case?

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Hey sorry I thought my post was a private message.

I have 21 bottles. I don’t know how they will ultimately be packaged. I just asked him how much would 2 cases cost if I used their own shipping service.

I’ve heard of a number of very smooth transactions through Crurated (incl. U.S. shipping), and they certainly have snagged a lot of top producers. That said, I’m with Tom B: I’m not excited to jump through hoops like this to purchase wine. There’s enough great wine out there without dealing with it.

Not sure what the “hoops” are. That the wine is offered on a future basis or that, as a US buyer, you are buying in a foreign country?

I guess they’re not that huge of hoops, but it at least involves buying in a foreign country, on futures, and “bidding” on barrels. I can buy a lot of good wine locally or at least within the U.S. without doing that. I’d go through it if the pricing were superior but it’s really not, at least as far as I can tell.

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Yeah, I think the pricing is maybe slightly better, but not sure what they charge for shipping. I would guess it’s comparable to ideal wine which is about $137 per 12 bottle case. They also charge a Monthly subscription fee. I’m assuming you need to maintain this membership until they ship? If that’s the case it becomes tougher to make the economics work if you need to pay $30 a month until October 2024 for you 6 pack of Gevrey VV to ship :sweat_smile: You would really need to shift a substantial amount of your wine buying to make that work.

I’m keeping my eyes on the offers though and taking notes. Dujac is on Monday 9/25 and Mugneret Gibourg starts on Monday October 30th