Forget sabering. We should all open champagne like this.


Lol. How else do people open their bottles?

That was pretty cool. I never saw it with the port tongs.

Don’t think I’d do that personally - if that thing pops off to the side it could be painful. But he was good.

I would have thought it would gush out

That was badass

That dude is awesome! The Don Draper of popping Champagne

Seems stupid dangerous.

My guess is, the Champagne is frozen or the bottle is empty and recorked. Otherwise how could it not fly out of the bottle?

I mean, I guess its possible that the extra mass of the glass resulted in low enough acceleration and velocity that it would just lightly pop up. However, considering I’ve had champagne corks shoot 20+ feet into my yard, I’m skeptical. Also, pretty risky heating/stressing the glass with the hot port tongs and the potential of the bottle exploding right into your face.

I think this is the key. A cork doesn’t weigh much, glass significantly more. So you probably have 3-5 times the weight with this method than just a cork by itself (totally WAG). That’s enough to make a big difference in the acceleration, as you point out. Plus, the proof is in the video [wow.gif]

I’m gonna play it safe and stick to opening them with my teeth.

This is a variation on the old fire and feather method. Would have been more fun with the feather.

Neat to see it coming back- but nothing innovative here.

I don’t understand why people have invented so many elaborate ways of opening champagne when the “normal” way is so easy: rip off all the foil and metal cage and stuff, gently turn and lift the cork, shove your thumb in real quick :wink:

This was unquestionably bad a$$

Fun to watch!
Don’t think I’ll try it any time soon.

[scratch.gif] wat

What is this…
I don’t even…

Pretentious and lame

This is like watching a high wire act. Pretty high on the danger scale if he keeps the hot tongs on the neck too long or the champagne is too warm.