For you NYC vodka fans or "Indiana Jones has a new drink"

Special Signing Event
Meet Dan Aykroyd this Thursday at Astor Wines & Spirits!

This Thursday, February 12th, from 12:00 - 2:00 p.m., Dan Aykroyd will be signing bottles of Crystal Head Vodka at Astor Wines & Spirits!

Note: This is not a tasting, so you’ll have to satisfy any noontime vodka cravings elsewhere this Thursday.

Rather, this free event is your chance to meet an entertainment legend, to learn a little bit about an exceptional bottle of vodka, and to dust off your “wild and crazy guy” impression (if you really must).

Clean, pure, and laced with fresh citrus aromas, Crystal Head Vodka comes in perhaps the most attention-grabbing bottle we’ve ever seen (pictured below).
If you’re like us, you’ll save this bottle even after the vodka’s gone; and you’ll remember this event whether you take home a bottle or not, so stop by Astor this Thursday!

Your Price: $49.99


Wow! Does it really have Crystal Meth in it?

What is Akroyd’s connection? is it his or is he just there for $hits and giggles?

Dan has been on tour promoting his new wine label. Looks like the company producing it is also a spirits producer, so I bet they have him shilling their other stuff too." onclick=";return false;