For Sale, old world, 300+ bottles

Closing down one of my lockers and I have acknowledged to myself that I have too much wine.

/ Richebourg / Barolo / Loire favorite ( Lenoir) / /

All wine purchased by me from solid retailers, no gray market. All bottles maintained in a professional cellar since purchase.

Prefer Venmo, will take PayPal. Cash locally in Chicago and I’ll deliver. Shipping is on the buyer as prices are very reasonable. I reserve the right to give preference to those who buy in larger quantities to make shipping easier.

I am open to holding wine to the end of October if some interested buyers are in warm weather areas.

Pricing is considerably lower than W-S. Essentially I am hoping to split the WineBid vig with interested wine drinkers. Examples:

2006 Lenoir Domaine Les Roches $90

Donnhoff, Equipo Navazos, Quinta do Vesuvio. Send me a message for the full list in Excel.

Photos available.

I have sold wine through Commerce Corner before.

updated to remove those sold out

one quick update, the CRB Cuvee Pif has been sold. It is charming to note that the wine that drew the most interest is a soulful bottle of $30 temps perdu.

Also please note that the list has many 375ml. This hasn’t trip up anyone yet, but I hope to avoid confusion.

Solid list, very easy transaction. Worth a look.

Email sent and nothing received.

List please. Thnx david

I thought I had as well.

Perhaps Matt is busy; he was extremely responsive yesterday morning

Hello all, I have been responding as quickly as possible. Please note that the personal message system doesn’t always work well because of 1) the relays and 2) I can’t attach the list, at least on my end.

If you haven’t received the current list please email me at

And Kevin has it right! I have been busy moving wine.

Matt stopped by my house on friday to drop off. All good

Can you send me a list?


If your name is Angelo and you asked for the list, please send an email to
The email address you provided didn’t work for me.

Listed requested. Excited to see it. Thanks

Got my bottles today–buy with confidence!


Thanks for the super easy transaction.

I hope to see notes in the future.



Seconding above. Very smooth transaction, buy with confidence.


Thanks for the easy transaction.

Glad the Puffeney found a worthy home.



Me as well! [cheers.gif]

Same feedback here!

Just sent email requesting list. Thanks.

Bought two bottles…great condition, easy transaction…fast shipping. Thank you.