Food Network's Jeff Corwin? WTF

You have got to be kidding me. I like Jeff Corwin and his animal shows but I’m perplexed by the decision to put him on Food Network.

I thought I would never say this but the Food Network is dead to me.

What kind of show is it? Jeff is a local boy…I met him last fall - great guy. I’ll give him a chance, but I have to agree, the food network doesn’t really seem like the place for him

Food Network jumped the shark many, many moons ago. When Guy got more than one show, that was the final nail in the coffin.

I think Guy has more shows than Rachael had at her peak. WTF us up with that sweatband, anyway?

Probably keeps the hair bleach from running down into his eyes when he’s sweating.

Jorge, he wears it halfway up his right forearm.

[dash1.gif] Perdon.

hmmmm, looks like its called Extreme Cuisine with Jeff Corwin. . . . .umm, Doesn’t Andrew Zimmern already DO that show?? Called Bizzare Foods. , ,. . . anyway - I’m a big fan of Jeff Corwin and will be giving him a fair shake.

It’s not a sweat band. . .it is a compression band for tennis elbow from lifting too many 5 lb. sandwiches. [rofl.gif]

Yeah, but Bizarre Foods is on the Travel Channel. Pretty pathetic that the Food Network has to steal FOOD shows from the Travel Channel.

What’s he going to do? Track down monkeys and Komodo Dragons on Animal Planet and them bring them back to cook on the Food Network? Bizzare choice of hosts in my opinion.

Food Network is looking for a crossover audience due to their declining ratings I imagine.

There was a pretty good movie about Komodo Dragon for dinner, so why not?

Tastes just like chicken, or so I hear.