“Following” other users

If you view a user’s profile, I can set the user to one of three modes: Normal, Muted, or Ignored.

Is there any way to set a user to “following” or “tracking”? The idea is that there are some people who I want to see every post or reply they make – either because they are a friend, or just because I find them interesting.


If you click the username, then again, you go to the ‘full profile’ and see this

I don’t see a way to ‘favorite’ a user, however, you can create a bookmark with that person’s list of posts. Other options discussed here: How to follow a user and get notifications for this specific user? - #4 by codinghorror - support - Discourse Meta

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Thanks Todd.

Also, I’m honored you want to see everything I ever post


I, too, am blushing. :slight_smile: