Fogline Club 2014 Pinot Noir Library Case Special ***SOLD OUT***

Our 2014 Fogline Vineyards Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir - Fogline Neighbors is being offered to everyone for the next few weeks for the special one day discount we ran on Black Friday for our Club.

7 clones from 3 vineyards high on Sonoma Mountain in the Petaluma Gap. Fogline Home Vineyard, Janian Vineyard and Sun Chase combine with 30% whole cluster fermentation. Perfect age for drinking now but will still have many years ahead. This is my go to wine of my lineup currently.

12 bottles for $360 - a more than 50% discount off the $65/bottle retail price. $30 a bottle shipped!
We will refund the shipping post order as the software is not liking my use case.

Orders over 6 bottles of any wine can use the NOCOST shipping discount code.

Big thanks to any one that orders, this is looking scary.
Man, if it isn’t the fires or floods it had to be pestilence. Sonoma can’t seem to catch a break. Getting exhausted.

Just ordered a case, thanks much for this nice offer. I’ve actually had this wine at the winery a while ago and bought some then, so I know this is good stuff.

Thanks Rob. It’s nice to know Berserkers has our back :slight_smile:

Can you post some tasting notes? CT has none. Am interested, but dont’ have much room left for storage so trying to be selective in my ordering these days. Thanks!

Mine arrived yesterday and a bottle was immediately popped. There is a bit of sediment so I would suggest a decant. After that, we have an almost perfectly aged wine. I say almost because this has years of upside in store. But again drinking great right now. I’m a burg guy and my wife is Cali Pinot. This made both of us very happy. Sappy red fruit, great structure and acidity, just the smallest amount of that cola you get in new world Pinot, but very much in the background. Dark red cherry in the fore, bit of orange peel and traces of secondary flavors which include just a touch of caramel. Lovely color and medium+ finish. This is a deal for sure.

Thanks Rob!

Based on what you were telling me about your preferences I thought it would be a hit. I like to describe to customers how the percentage of whole-cluster sculpts the integrated tannins on the finish and gives it that ripe vine essence that adds such complexity not present from skin, seed or barrel-only tannins. Like I was saying, this is my go-to wine at the moment. Wishing I could get to Costco and pick up some confit to go with it bu the lines are too much.

AFA sediment, yes they are stored cork down so there is some sediment that built on the cork. I like to rotate back and forth two times and then let the bottle rest for a bit and that seems to do it without decant if you don’t have a decanter handy.

That’s an easy yes !

Looking forward to trying these Evan.

Hey Fred! I hope all is well down in FL. Thanks for ordering. Let me know when you are back out this way.

I bought a case which was delivered on Tuesday. That night we had a bottle with dinner and it was fantastic. Thanks for the great wine and the great deal.

Thanks Kevin!

Thank you for helping to keep us in business.

Thanks to all that purchased. That was an awesome show of support and will really help get us through the summer!