Anyone have any experience with Costco Flapmeat?


Treat it like skirt steak. Marinade and grill over high heat, then slice on the bias across the grain.

Bill, what do you think maybe a Korean type marinade?

Perfect. My trusty version… 1/4 cup each of EVOO, Lime Juice, Dark Korean Soy Sauce and some Sriracha thrown in for good measure. I would hit it for at least two hours.

Thank you sir.

Here to help.

You can pretty much pretend it’s a hanger steak. You don’t need a marinade.

I’ve eaten it just grilled and it was tender and very tasty.

I’ve also made it into chili or gyulasz. Works very well and costs very little.

It’s great stuff.

Even if the name has NSFW implications…

Thanks guys, I will be going back for more of these ( the kids ate every bite on their plate) and was just damn tasty, might be good with the Korean style marinade and some rice.

Joe, I’ll just echo what Bill and the rest stated. The Costco flap meat is a great grilling meat.

I usually drop some concoction of sesame teriyaki sauce (trader joe’s or similar), spicy chili sauce, black bean sauce, or similar in. Let it marinate for at least 12 hours - 24+ hours is great. Grill that up on medium to high heat and let’r rip.

I actually find this cut a bit better then skirt steak actually. It seems to marinate a bit better and holds the flavor in.

From the positive comments above, I can only conclude that this is a product in desperate need of re-branding. “Flapmeat” sounds nasty.

I wouldn’t change a thing. It takes a real man to ask for flap meat.

Here’s one use for the stuff. Or, what cut IS this?

Frank, we have never seen this side of you before! [shock.gif]

“It takes a real man to ask for flap meat.”

Yes, I was thinking that this somehow escaped from the NSFW thread on names for her naughty bits…

You won’t see it elsewhere. This place has its own vibe, whether that is a good thing or a bad thing.


Or, should I say “********”


Somebody beat you to the punch. Long before it became known by its official name, it was being sold in Mexican meat markets as “ranchera steak,” for use as carne asada.
Then the gringos found out about it and the price doubled.