Flannery's rocks! This is why...

We ordered a 17lb standing rib roast from Flannery’s to be delivered 2 days before Christmas. (We had 21 people over - it was just the right amount.) Well, Fed Ex completely botched the shipment and instead of resting in our fridge on Wednesday, the roast spent the night in the sorting center. I called Flannery’s to make sure the roast would still be good, (of course it would). Finally, at 3:00 pm Christmas Eve Fed Ex delivered the meat. (By the way, it was absolutely superb!) I was pretty happy because I got my roast AND free shipping!

Last week I received a Fed Ex shipping notice in my e-mail. Hmm… I didn’t order anything? [scratch.gif]

Turns out Flannery’s sent me two very nice, very large steaks free of charge for my trouble! (I would be lucky to have such troubles in the future!)

It’s one thing to have the best meat in the country, quite another to have the best meat AND the best customer service!

Way to go BrYan and crew! Thanks!!! [welldone.gif]

(Clearly, anyone considering purchasing some of BrYans meat should do so with full confidence!)

Ed, note it is BRYAN…

and you are right, nobody has finer product or better service… he deserves and has earned all the praise gets

DAMMIT! I had it as Bryan but my email told me it was Brian, (gotta fix my contacts.) Thanks for the correction - I’ll change it.

I agree. The service he provides to us food crazy loons is amazing.

No doubt, Bryan’s service is second to none. On one of my first orders, my card was billed a bit extra for shipping (more than should have). Bryan caught it before it went out, threw in the cash, but also a small rib cap to try.

Similar situation here; we had a rib-cap and rib-roast that were supposed to be delivered on Dec 23rd and they ended up getting here at 9AM on the 24th; FedEx screwed up. Imagine my surprise last week when I got those two complimentary NY Strips in the mail from him, along with a signed note from the entire staff! Best beef, and the best service of ANY online retailer = one very satisfied (and loyal) customer.

Going to have some Flannery lamb (saddle) which is fantastic tonight for the game and to celebrate my 44th B-day. Now, what to drink…