Flannery's 130 day dry aged steak--how is this going down?


I BD 2 of the larger/ 130 day aged steaks.

Curious on how people will cook this and what sides to accompany. Wine?

Mine show up this week. Suggestions?

TIA Paul

I’m trying mine on Saturday. Charlie Carnes had his Pobega’ed the day it arrived!

The last aged Flannery I had was a 100-day NY Strip, reverse seared with the low-and-slow in the smoker, and it was spectacular. Knowing this will be funky, I’ll do it the same way


I was surprised the color wasn’t darker. Looks pretty normal to me, without opening

Heads up, if you don’t want to share your address then you might want to edit that photo.

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I received 4 steaks, 2 were the same color as yours and two others were pale. They’re in the freezer now but I’ll pull a couple for a comparison shot. I was amazed they didn’t lose more meat to trimming.

Has one last weekend. Awesome! So rich. One was plenty for 2 people. Not as much funk as I expected. Did on the BGE at around 500 degrees. Maybe a total of 6-7 minutes. Perfectly rare-medium rare.

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Just spoke with Katie this morning and the reason they didn’t lose as much meat was because they started with a 103 Primal Rib. There was enough fat and bone to take a hit without losing too much. She did say that she thought their 75 day stuff was funkier than this due to the fact that they aged those starting from a 107 Primal Rib which has less fat and bone cover. In the end these will be a great balance between funky flavor and overall texture. She was a big fan of these so I’m sure we all will be as well [cheers.gif]

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Here’s what I was talking about. Although they are frozen the difference in appearance between the two is dramatic, even moreso when thawed. I have two that look like the one on the left and two like the one on the right.
Not complaining about anything but responding to the mention of color and the expectation of something darker due to the 130 day aging.

To me that just looks like one has more myoglobin leakage than the other. No expert!

One says California Reserve, the other doesn’t, different meat?

Okay Paul we live in the Aksarben area! What time should we be there?? :rofl:

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Ok, I love Flannery…a lot. I jumped on these the second they were available, as I figured they’d not be available much longer, plus, the best piece of meat I’ve had from Flannery was a 100-day NY strip. Well, I feel like I’m ‘supposed’ to like it, but I don’t. The funk is just too much, and not just that there is a lot, but that said funk makes the meat taste a bit turned or decrepit or something. It’s ‘fine’ I guess, but I don’t like it - ate the whole thing, obviously, but it’s a far cry from the 100-day, to me.

Not a fan.

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Well I hate to say it but I am with you. I had the 100 day strip this week and the 130 ribeye. The strip, 16 oz, cooked on hardwood at my campsite was one of the best steaks I had, ever! The 130, I just can’t wrap my head around. I’m thinking it is maybe for some people more than it is for me. It’s just a bit too funky. Still like the “Serve with Riesling” idea introduced earlier. I might still have to try that. Don’t worry Flannery team, I am smitten with everything else.

I grilled one of mine last night, and had a totally different experience than Todd … First, the smell was room clearing when I took the steak out of the cryovac, and my wife got very concerned. The aroma had dissipated when I grilled it a few hours later, along with some NY strips, for about 7 minutes to a nice medium rare. 4 of us each had about a quarter of the steak and were surprised at the lack of funk/gaminess. Some was there, but the dry-aged character was far more evident in the 30 day (I believe) strips. The texture was amazing, just melt in your mouth, and I think everyone liked it more than they expected. I’m not sure I’d jump on these again but it was fun to try something different.

I cooked one also over the weekend. No likey. Glad to have experienced it but I thought it was a bit much. Mine was super nutty, blue cheese and dirt dominated. If I tasted blind I don’t think I would have guessed steak, or beef or even meat. I opened several wines and found that champagne worked overwhelmingly the best and was a great pairing (NV All GC BdB, decent but nothing too special). This was my first experience with a steak with this level of dry aging and I think I’ll go back to the sandbox and play with the little kids.

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You can all send them my way. :grin:

when OP asks how this is going down, I’m wondering how it would be coming up. Couldn’t do it.

Funk coming out of the vac pack was rough, but mellowed out after a few minutes. I thought the flavor was great, and I only dropped a layer of salt on it. That said… texture was strange for me. Felt a bit spongy to me, which was not in my wheelhouse.

Hangers last night were spectacular though!

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So… I did a reverse sear 250 about 45 Mins to 120F/ seared on carbon steel pan.

Texture was tight fiber/ from drying process. Only slight amount of blue cheese aroma.

Not bad/ but I just think I want a juicy steak!!

Cheers Doc B

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Curious to those who tried and didn’t like…did it cause any gastrointestinal distress? I have two in the freezer, was thinking of cooking for Valentine’s Day.