Flannery Rib Cap Question

I know there are plethora of Rib Cap experts here… namely Tex. :slight_smile:

Question: If i want to cook a rib cap on a Gas grill… is this possible?

same prep i presume (EVOO, salt, pepper rub), sear 2 mins per side (4 sides).

then what? indirect heat in the grill, rotate occasionally, until 125 degrees?

I read somewhere here that it’s hard to ‘overcook’ it… and it’s better to error on medium side, than error on rare ?

I’ve done a rip cap several times on a gas grill. I’ve used indirect heat each time. I have the Charbroil/TEC grill with two infrared and two flame burners and so I put it over the two inside burners and use the outside flame and outside infrared burners. Going more toward medium allows the marbling to melt into the meat. Both Bryan and Bill have told/written that to me. I have also started on the grill and finished in the oven. Think about adding some thyme to that rub.


I’ve done two a couple times on our Weber Summit gas grille. I grill them on all sides, and then turn off the inner burners and finish until around 130F or so on indirect. It takes somewhat longer than one would think.

Ok… I have the Weber Genesis gas grill.

When on indirect heat, do you have cover on or top off?
what temp to maintain at during indirect heat?

I have the cover down. I try to keep the temperature to 200-250F, by adjusting the two running burners.

Actually our grille is such that I always cook with the cover closed.