Flannery PORK ribcap roast: cooking tips/recommendations?

I did exactly this last night. EVOO, salt, pepper, garlic on the outside. 2 minutes per side in a cast iron skillet (total 8 minutes) to sear. IT was 47 degrees when it went in the oven. Oven at 375 degrees. Took about 17 minutes to hit 132 degrees IT, pulled at 132, tented under foil for 15 min, take out string, slice, eat. About the best pork I’ve had.


Thanks guys, you sufficiently inspired me to try this. I have a couple of these, some of the lamb riblets (love these but never have tried from Flannery), and a gigantic Jorge coming next week.

Anybody try anything other than sear (reverse or otherwise)?

Sounds like Jordan had good results going low and slow on the smoker the entire cook, no sear.

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i do a reverse blowtorch these days. 225f until 132 internal. paint with a reduced sherry vinegar and honey glaze, and blow torch on all sides. finally, barely cracked blend of your favorite good spices - i like a mix of fennel, pink peppercorns, and cumin sprinkled on top with a bit more of the glaze and then under the broiler for a minute to set. the spices cook a bit but still retain a bit of texture.

Works well!

So it doesn’t make sense cut and pound slices and sauté with a mustard sauce for instance?

Mark, did you cook yours yet? I’m curious to know what you did and how it turned out.

I know I am planning to pound them with a mushroom cream sauce and probably try schnitzel another.

Also I am thinking kalbi

So far, the schnitzel was fantasic. Breaded in panko and fresh breadcrumbs, the pork was tender and flavorful. Best I think I have had.

tonight pounded cutlets with mushroom and cream. Plan a fast sear on pork and hope for best.

Later this week, a more conventional sear and oven with duck fat potatoes and red cabbage.

Had the best one ever the other night. Again, on the smoker with some apple wood chunks.

dried shiitake ground in a coffee grinder. Oiled and salted the pork and did “shake and bake” in a bag with the ground shiitake. Shoved fresh sage leaves inside the roll. No need to sear as a good crust forms regardless

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