Flannery Fest III: New Thread Started

Looking to see what dates people might have an issue with for our third installment of Flannery Fest here in beautiful and lovely Dallas, TX.

I am looking at early Fall now.

The Basics:

  1. The event will be held in Dallas, TX.
  2. Guest list will be strictly enforced and held to sixty people.
  3. Wines will be flighted based on course and not a free for all as has been the case at previous Flannery Fests.
  4. A larger deposit will be required for this event for a couple of reasons: a) hiring some circulating help, b) some “reception” wines for everyone and c) an expanded menu.
  5. Once the date is set, deposits will be needed two months prior.
  6. Theme will be magnums or better again leaning toward higher end wines.
  7. This thread is for general interest and exploration of bad/unavailable dates.

Wow. The Big “D” FFIII is moving upscale.

I guess my concept of a dumpster dive at the Mansion on Turtle Creek is passe?

Scott Barber might have something to say about that…

Just as well. Probably no Flannery’s in those Mansion dumpsters anyway.

Might be some thongs to snap though.

April is better than May for a variety of reasons.

“reception wines”??? No reason to have to buy those as we all have cellars. Just have people volunteer some non-reds. I’ll throw in a 1.5L of white and a 1.5L of bubbly.

The thought behind a reception wine is that everyone gets a glass of the same thing when they hit the door since they won’t all be arriving at the same time. I was thinking a grower Champagne or nice German Riesling that could be had for relatively cheap when spread out over a case.

Barring funny things coming up at work, I’m 100% all in, no matter what. I can’t envision not making this. It’ll be epic. Whatever the date, count me in +1!

You had better watch out for Holdredge and his sabotaging ways…I’m just sayin’.

I agree with April being better than May but if April, after the 15th please! I am sure we could source a decent Reisling from a friendly retailer but would have to plan ahead. Are you thinking two cases or an even larger amount? If you decide to go the donation route, I too could find a magnum or two of a nice white wine to donate.

Oh and I should say you can count me and my wife in also.

Late April (after the 15th) is best for us.

Flighted wines doesn’t sound fun at all unless we know we have enough of each wine for each person. Sounds more like a sit down dinner than a Flannery Fest.

By flighted, I mean all chards first, followed by light reds, followed by big reds.

I’ve got a 9L of Mumm Napa I can donate for the welcome white… It has been in my walk-in for 2 years I assume it’s still good? If not I’ll make you a good deal on some Donnhoff, Muller-Catoir, Billecart, Pierre Peters, Vilmart?

No preference on date here, being a retail whore. [training.gif]

Now your putting the bait out there for Tex to grab. Good work Dan. See I knew there would be solutions. Sounds like the perfect spot to play a 9 litre and if the pour is one glass and a little short it will cover 60 people.

Personally, I like the Donnhoff idea too.

April, May, it’s all good. [thumbs-up.gif]

I vote for any date other than the first weekend in May. That’s Derby Day.

It’s alright Mike. We will let you wear that silly old hat to the offline if you want to. [tease.gif]

If it’s going to be April of 2010 me and the +1 want to be on the waiting list. (there is a waiting list, right?)

I’ll make time no matter what so pick the date.