Flannery Beef

FWIW Eric and I did an interview with Bryan and posted it on http://www.graperadio.com

Just listened to it, great interview packed with new to me info from Bryan. Will be asking relatives some new questions over our break. Who once grew cattle and are picky about it.

I appreciate the feedback. Thanks!

Yeah, I thought this was kind of an inside view - some stuff I’d never heard before. I think we could’ve gone on for three hours!

Great interview! Thanks for doing it, and for posting the link here. When Bryan talked about tri-tip early on, I was thinking that Costco does sell “steak strips” cut from tri-tip, as he described.

He even carries something called “the Jackalope,” a bone-in tri-tip!

Great interview!

I have enjoyed my discussion with Bryan. The interview was great.