*Flannery Beef* Back Again!

Well, what the hell, it’s that time of year again- the one day a year we get to plan to go off the rails for. And with the entire world seeming to be teetering on the edge of the rails for the past 10 months, we’ve got a few classic cuts that take ‘comfort food’ to a whole new level.

35% off California Reserve New York Steaks: Being such an iconic cut, there isn’t too much to say to ‘hype up’ the New York, but since I’m never one to keep quiet when I have an audience….
These California Reserve New Yorks are sourced from Holstein steers (the secret behind our “CA Reserve” line), and are dry aged for 30-35days. Coming from Holstein, these steaks will be more narrow in width than traditional Angus steaks. The 30-35day dry age is our preferred length of time to dry age; you’ll get the benefit of the nuttier, more complex beef flavor, without entering the ‘blue cheese’ realm of something aged over 60days.
Link: https://bit.ly/3sYnuIs

35% off Midwestern Hanger Steaks: Another classic, the hanger steak can be dressed up or dressed down as easily as pearls (and they’re guaranteed to be more tender!).
We honestly can’t say enough about these in terms of both flavor and tenderness, you can serve them rare or well done, with simple salt and pepper or with an acidic marinade; no matter what direction you go in, you can’t go wrong.
Unlike the New Yorks, these hanger are sourced from Angus cattle. Some of the unique attributes that we love about the Holstein breed (the smaller size of the muscles, in particular), don’t work as well on certain cuts, like the hanger. The hanger steaks sourced from a Holstein will end up weighing under 16oz when cleaned, and the marbling structure of the muscle isn’t superior to that in the Angus breed, so at the end of the day, when it comes to hangers, we stick with Angus.
Link: https://bit.ly/3a3wkvZ

35% off All Burger Blends: In addition to our usual blends, the Traditional, Rich, Adventurous, and Kali blends, we’re offering a unique Berserker Burger Blend available only through the 27th.
A quick rundown on the blends; the Traditional blend will clock in around 22% fat content, this one will be most similar to fat content to your store-bought ground chuck, but will have more depth of flavor due to the different cuts we grind together. The Rich blend will be the one you should clear with your cardiologist first, at about 29% fat content. Pro tip on these – don’t walk away from them on the grill, unless you want the fire department to show up. The Adventurous blend is unique in that we use the dry age trim from our CA Reserve New Yorks and Ribeyes to give a bit of ‘funk’ to the blend, and the Kali Blend is a life-changing blend developed by Michelin-star Chef Kevin Meehan of Kali Restaurant in Los Angeles.
Now enter the Berserker Blend. We’re crafting this blend to be a hybrid between the traditional and the Adventurous; about 25% fat content, with just a touch of Dry Age flavor, but what really makes it unique is that we’re using a coarse grinding plate. Our usual 4 blends are made using a grinder plate with 3/16” holes, whereas this blend will be made using a grinder plate with 3/8” holes. This will give a much coarser texture to the burger, making it an exceptional option for chilis, but will also present a truly unique burger experience if done on a cast iron surface (or any flat plate, for that matter).
Link to Usual Burger Blends: https://bit.ly/2M3jUME
Link to Berserker Blend: https://bit.ly/2KNPXzv

How To Order!
Each of the items listed above are also links that will take you to that product’s page on our website. Simply fill up your shopping cart with whatever quantities of the steaks/burgers and when you’re ready to check out, head to the Shopping Cart page, where you’ll see the words “Apply Discount Code” under the Summary. Click there to enter the code: BDXII. There isn’t the option to apply the discount code once you’re on the final shipping/checkout section, so make sure you head to the Cart page first to get the code (and savings!) in. Check the visuals below for a play-by-play on how to get the code entered, on either mobile or desktop :slight_smile:

Shipping Suggestions
With BerserkerDay on a Wednesday, it limits the ability for us to ship out this same week. Orders that are placed on a Wednesday ship the following day (unless a later date is requested during checkout), so for anyone in the 2-day transit area, the first available arrival date to you will be on Wednesday Feb 3rd, unless you absolutely need protein for the weekend and go with an Overnight shipping method. For anyone shipping via Ground Transit, we strongly recommend that you select a delivery date next week. The good news is that the craziness of the holiday season has passed and ground transit is back up and running, I still just have a bit of residual fear of shipping something with a delivery date of Friday. If there are any delays, it’s a 50/50 chance that the carrier will take the extra steps of delivering on Saturday, more likely than not they’ll leave the box in the warehouse until the following Monday. So if you aren’t in any rush, I recommend selecting a Wednesday or Thursday delivery (depending on your transit time) for all ground shipments.

Final Note on Security
Katie here: as the more ‘tech savvy’ part of the family (though if you know Dad, you know that qualifying as being more tech savvy than he is means I know how to upload an attachment in an email, HA), I want to give a quick update to the Berserker Community about some serious security changes we’ve made to our site over the past year. We jettisoned our old site last year after a security breach, and have gone a bit nuts in terms of adding multiple layers of security to our new site. Most of this is tech speak, but for anyone who does want to know exactly what we’re doing differently, we’ve installed Cloudflare’s Web Application Firewall (WAF) at the domain layer to mitigate against DDoS attacks as well as to block nefarious traffic from ever hitting the server on which the site is hosted. At the web server level, an additional WAF actively detects and blocks suspicious traffic. We’re also employing real-time, ongoing PCI Compliance scans as well as filesystem scans to monitor for unauthorized code changes. And lastly, the Qualys-confirmed Grade-A SSL certificate ensures online shopping is encrypted to ensure your data can’t be captured between your browser and our shop. There are still some bugs that we’re trying to work out that are caused by the beefed up security (mostly password reset issues), but we’re slowing working through things to make sure that first and foremost, we’re 100% confident in the security of our site. Don’t hesitate to ask any specific questions if you have them, I’m as happy to talk ‘website’ as Dad is to talk ‘meat’!!

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Ymm… Couldn’t ask for more… Totally Stoked to try Berseker Blend!

Quick note - make sure you apply the discount at the view/edit cart stage; it will not let you use it at the “apply discount code” prompt later in the checkout process.

And OF COURSE I got an order in :smiley:

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“I wish I knew how to quit you”

Well OK, I have little motivation to quit you, Bryan. Order coming once I measure available freezer space.

Gotta love these offers!

I just ordered a lot (for me at least) and I’m not sure I got enough. Thank you Bryan & Katie!

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Order in. Looking forward to trying them!

Orders in ans super pumped!

Finally getting to try out one of the burger blends! Have loved the steaks so far

I’m in big.

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I just ordered! Such and easy purchase! Thanks Bryan and Katie!

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