First time at In and Out

I’ve been to quite a few burger chains “restaurants” before, such as (from memory) McDonald’s, Burger King, Denny’s or Wendy’s. I was told by some friends that e.g. Wendy’s burgers were noticeably better than the others… obviously I’m lacking that little something that would have allowed me to notice. Tasted exactly like the crap they serve at other places.

Yesterday I thought I’d try something new, so I went to In and Out because I kept reading about it (here and on Facebook, among other places). I kind of liked the retro feel and the very short menu. That’s about all I liked, though. The food was as crappy as the competitors’. So they use real beef to make their burgers? Too bad there’s only 2% beef in them. The fries have not been frozen? Goes to show that frozen isn’t a prereq to make really crappy fries. At least the sight of the guy chain-splitting potatoes made me smile.

Summary: same old crap.

So there’s Jack in the Box and Carl Jr’s left, I guess. Also Fatburger, although that might be a local joint.

And oh yeah, there’s one thing I almost forgot I liked: they didn’t serve Pepsi [berserker.gif]

If you’re going to hit all the craptacular “burger” chains, you must visit the crown jewel.
White Castle!

Of course a double double doesnt have enough meat, you need to spring for the 3x3 0r 4x4!!

Mmmmmm sliders!!! [rofl.gif]

I think you need to put these places in perspective. when it comes to fast food burgers, imho, In & Out is miles above, McD/Carl’s/BK/etc…Granted I haven’t been to any of these in years except I&O. I see you’re in LA Guillaume. We have some mom & pop burger joints that are serious contenders for awesome. Better yet, we have some other amazing quick eats places, though in the ethnic category. Hopefully you have a chance to explore.

Five Guys! Bring three friends so you can finish an order of fries, though.

And we now have Five Guys here, a new contender from the East in the So Cal burger wars!

I’ve had a Five Guys burger, and don’t like it anywhere near as much as In N’ Out

The culinary harmonic convergence of the new millennium would be the ability to get bacon on my Dub-Dub Animal Style. [beg.gif]

Right now, I would say the more that you try, the easier the choices.

Being new to burgers is a wonderful experience. It means that you have no preferences and are free to try as many different burgers and styles of burgers that you want. My advice is don’t start buying “collectable” burgers yet. Develop your palate, and burger knowledge, first. There will be plenty of time later for collecting. Figure out what you want to collect first.

Read these boards, especially the TN Board, look at the ratings as well. Go to as many burger tastings as you can and start with the basic burgers (Double Double, Quarter Pounder, Big Mac, Whopper, or even the Carl’s Jr $6 Burger) and get a sense of what you like. This will point you in the direction that your palate should go.

Get to know your local retail burger guy. Work on burger and wine pairings - this will really change things for you and at times blow you away (and your dinner guests). Smile, And when you think you have an idea of what you like, order it “Animal Style” and get all turned around again.

But most important, if you want to start a burger collection, you will need to invest in a deep freeze. Buy a larger one than you think you will need as folks tend to end up buying more burgers than they expect.

Good luck in your adventure and happy burger tastings.

Another “WTF” for Guillaume… Guillaume, WTF? Of course it’s 2% meat! It’s a fast food burger. I happen to think it’s delicious though, and I won’t put a McD’s burger in my mouth.

In N Out’s french fries suck. There, I said it.

Randy… [highfive.gif]

I was going to ask about Five Guys because opened near here a while ago but haven’t tried it yet.

I haven’t eaten at a McDonald’s or Burger King in years. Will stop in at Wendy’s on a road trip if nothing else looks good. I usually get the chicken sandwich (a fried boneless breast) and a Frosty (made with real milk!), though, not a burger.

If you’re ever in Gainesville, Fla., stop in at Louis’ Lunch (a couple blocks east of Main St. and south of University). Handmade burgers, perhaps a bit on the small side. Family owned and operated since the Pleistocene.

EDIT to add link to a review of Louis’ :" onclick=";return false;

Guillaume, I had posted on the other board that I finally went to an In n Out burger in Vegas in May. Totally agree that it is the same crap.

Place was mobbed though so I think lots of people might enjoy this crap better than the other crap.

Seriously, what’s the difference between their burger and any other burger? I honestly didn’t notice anything, but of course the last time I was in a McD was like 5 years ago, and I’ve probably not had a fast-food burger in the last 10 years apart from that (oh wait yes I tried Burger King in Bolivia last year just for fun). Anyway they only had the double-cheese double-burger on offer. Not sure if there’s more choice in other locations.

In and Out also gets minus points for not offering anything with bacon in it - actually that should be prohibited by law. Bacon cheeseburger or die.

In N Out’s french fries suck. There, I said it.

So the fries suck and Coke is Coke so what’s left? :slight_smile:

Randy… > [highfive.gif]

Yup, thanks Randy, I had a good laugh.

Paul, you are a man of taste. And you have a Raiders avatar too. What more can I say?

To my taste In and Out is better than most ‘fast food’ hamburger joints, but not remotely as good as a good hamburger in the places I would eat them. But then several of the place I went in SoCal are no longer in business. One was even replaced by a McDonald’s [shrug.gif]. Here in Santa Fe I’d rather have a burger at SantaCafé or the Compound. Their frites are even better.

You need to have lunch at Monte Alban for some seriously GOOD Oaxacan food and then come HERE as we are right down the street and say hello!" onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false;

Actually I only eat hamburgers two or three times a year.

In-n-Out totally rocks. Love the 4x4 animal style.

Five Guys is also rocking. Glad they’re making a strong push into Houston. Very welcome.

Of course, these are fast food burgers … a category of their own. It’s not going to compete with what you can do at home and all that … but they have their uses.

McDonald fries are still my favorite but at in and out, order the fries well done next time. It’s much better…