First storage locker, or the path to total desctruction

I have run out of room again. I started with a small 35 bottle cheapo cooler, then went to 176 bottle vinotemp, and then a 300 bottle le cache. All this in three years.

I even have some of my cheap daily drinkers stored on the floor under a table.

My lovely wife recently "accidentally drank my oldest bottle of a vertical i was saving and I have 5 more cases of wine coming in.

I found a decent place here locally that is actually underground and seems very secure. 36 case locker is only 45.00 a month so hard to argue with doing that vs buying a new le cache.

I am paranoid about a power outage ruining all my wine anyway.

Never thought I would get one, now wish I had never bought the le cache and just kept what i wanted for the next month (and my daily drinkers) in the vino temp.

Think I will take all the wine I want to forget I have over there and all my incoming wine and simply forget about it for a year.

Wonder how long it will take me to fill that darn thing up?

I blame many of you for this, my most consuming and expensive of hobbies.

cant believe I got a wine locker :frowning:

Now, when is that bedrock release?

If you are completely without pride, self-respect and self-control when it comes to wine (like me), you must engage some sort of shutoff valve. For me, this is a refusal to go offsite.

So I have wine spilling out to the curb in front of my house at the moment, the whole neighborhood smells yeasty and my wife is ready to have me and my wine evicted from the premises. But I’m stickin’ with my plan! [wink.gif]

I feel your pain, going through basically the same dilemma right now as well. Probably will take the cheaper route for now and get another off site locker. Either that or a 600 bottle Le Cache…

Just wait until you upgrade to the walk-in locker!

It will happen in the blink of an eye; trust me.

Man up, dude. Scapegoating your brothers-in-arms is not pretty. neener

I bypassed a lot of your pain. Bought a 56 bottle fridge and started adding more in a cold corner of the basement until last weekend when i finally hit overload. I am now the proud renter of a 12 case locker but it costs about $150 per year.

Man. Wine wine everywhere and not a drop to drink. Until it ages.

built my 3500-4000 bottle in home walk in wine cellar with the provision that I never go off site with add’l storage. I now have two 45 case lockers off site, as my wine cellar is full. First rule of wine collecting is that you will exceed whatever space is available. You will soon have two lockers.

We’re just a bunch of wine whores. If you need more room Alan, send your wine to me and I’ll store them…promise.

But thats 5000 bottles of wine. What would anybody do with all of it?

Let me simplify this for you: U R Screwed! :smiley:

er… um… uh… drink it? [scratch.gif]

I was going to post this basically. I have a 36 bottle fridge at home and skipped the larger home fridges right for the offsite storage. Skipped straight to the hard stuff basically. It is dangerous but easy. And since I’m going to be moving around a fair bit the next few years, it’ll be cheaper not to move some huge ass fridge around with me. I’d really love one of those beautiful 4,000 bottle cellars people post pictures of sometimes. pileon

Im a newbie. Ive only got 200 plus bottles. Working on that problem though.

you are kidding, right? It is a sickness, but I have friends two to four times as sick as I am!

Waaay faster than you expect.

Now you can explore wines for which aging is a “must do” rather than “nice to do”. pileon

It pays though. Some of the wines I bought in 2007 are entering their drinking windows and our quality of life has jumped as a result. flirtysmile

Thanks for reminding me, Poppy :wink: [cheers.gif]

I just made the same call yesterday ugghh never thought it would happen [shock.gif] but I won’t blame anyone for my lack of willpower [wink.gif]

Just wait until you buy a cellar with, conveniently enough, a house on top of it.

Same here.

In 1993 I owned 1.5 cases of wine, stored on racks on the floor of my apartment.

I moved to a house that had a room in the basement that the previous owners had converted to a small wine cellar. I thought “how cool”, asked some friends about wine, and bought 7 cases of 1st growth Bordeaux from the '90 vintage (at about $50-$60 per bottle, btw). I thought “well, there you have it, I own close to 100 bottles of wine, I have a wine cellar”.

But the cellar had bookshelves in it, not too much storage, so I bought some racking, had a guy install it, and then I had 500 bottles of storage. By 1996 or so, I had 1,000 bottles in there, so I hired a guy to build a much more elaborate wine cellar in the garage, could hold 2,000 bottles! I moved the basement wines in there, then had the guy redo the basement winecellar in 1997 or 1998 to hold 1,000 bottles. Now I had 3,000 bottles of storage, who could ever want more??

So of course within 3-4 years all cellars were again overflowing so I had another wine cellar constructed, to hold an additional 3,000 bottles. 7,000 bottles total, it’s impossible to fill that up I told myself, impossible!

But of course, within 3-4 years or so, filled again. So now, it’s 2013. All cellars are reasonably full and I have offsite storage for another 3,000+ bottles and maybe 1,000 bottles somewhere in the delivery chain and it’s almost time to buy 2012 Burgs in London, and can’t pass on all those great 2009 and 2010 Northern Rhone bottles coming along and the occasional interesting Barolo sale! This is how it goes. It’s a path and a process and there’s no way off the wheel until you’re either insolvent or dead!

Don’t do it Alan… You will only get back empty bottles and he will say the wine “evaporated”.