First post of a thread didn’t transfer correctly

Our Wordle Competition thread didn’t come across correctly, the first post is from a couple months ago. I noticed somewhere that there are limits in this software to the time frame for editing a post. Wonder if the transfer somehow took the last edit based on that timing?

Is there still a way to get to the old site and dig out that first post? Otherwise, no biggie, I’ll reconstruct it somehow.

Wondering if this is something that would affect Brian’s Sonoma County thread, for example.

My guess is it has the state of the post as of the earlier data migration, and that the incremental sync right before go live only got new posts, not edited ones. @ToddFrench can verify this. There may not be an easy way to pull back all posts where this is an issue but once they’ve looked at it, we can revive the data from this particular post easily.

I will check on this, create a support ticket

Thanks, I’m assuming you’re telling us you’ll create a ticket, and not that there is some mechanism for us users to do that.

Is there still a link to the old read only site I could use to grab the contents of that post?

Check now, I think this is fixed

Got a notice, and yes it’s later, but not the latest.

The last post in the “Jazz” thread (in Asylum), I think from D. Cornutt (sp?) from the old site did not show up in the new site. Gracias.

How about now?

Got it! Thanks a million. Hope it helps with any other similar threads. Does it have something to do with first posts that were edited well after they were created?

probably because the initial transfer was a month ago, then when you update an OP it didn’t re-transfer the entire thread, just the new posts within it

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