Finally...the final shipment of the season!

J.K. Carrier Provateur and Glass arrived today…marking my final shipment of the spring mailer season. My credit score will suffer until fall since I won’t be adequately using my cards for 6 months!

Are you sure?? There is always another delivery that I find at the door and think… the final shipment of the season. [nea.gif]

We’re picking up our little stash of Glass tomorrow… can’t wait to try it! [cheers.gif]

When are you going to make it out here to feed your habit even further? Do I need to dangle some 70’s Oregon Pinot to get you on a plane?

Well… thought i’d have no more shipments this season… but just signed up for Larry’s Tercero wine club. Need me some rose and whites!

I got an unexpected shipment today. A bottle of 05 Jonata Petit Verdot from the wonderful folks in Santa Ynez. They contribute wine to my Charitable Festival and send me a bottle in thanks. Wow, there still is class in this biz. Jonata Wines [cheers.gif] [notworthy.gif]

Last shipment… maybe. Last mailer… I doubt it! [wow.gif]

In fact, for many of you, there may be a “bonus” Loring mailer headed your way in a week or so. Hopefully it will be something that will be kind to all the melted plastic. [dance.gif] Futures for our first ever AVA designated wines… [dance2.gif]


Not sure if this was intended for Melissa or me…but no doubt I need to get to OR and visit some wineries…as well as visit that quaint little drinking village with a fishing problem. :smiley:

Timing a vacation right now…is not proving easy [dash1.gif]

That was for you Kevin, but Melissa could easily fly out here too. We have Pacific City International Airport located right behind the restaurant. Just make sure scheduled flights don’t occur on windy days. [emot-pwn.gif]

I think I’ll use Portland instead…thank you very much! [thank_you.gif]

That being said…I do hope to come out there over the summer…as it would be a nice break from 95 & 95% humidity!