Finally, some Champagne! NV Moutard Rose

It’s been over a month since I’ve had any Champagne (sorry, Cava and Prosecco just don’t cut it for me, it’s got to be my French genes kicking in, screaming and going on strike and refusing to enjoy those bubblies), and I was definitely getting some serious CWS (Champagne Withdrawal Syndrome).

So first thing upon landing last night, I kick in the door to the EuroCave and root around until I find a bottle of Champagne. Better yet, Rose Champagne…

-NV Moutard Rose
Beautiful dark salmon color, lots of citrusy red berries on the nose, with similar notes on the palate at first. As it breathes, it begins to fill out, becoming creamier and rounder but keeping a lovely note of acidity to balance that creamy fruit. The structure was quite nice, with a velvety mouthfeel that ended in mouth-smacking acidity. The finish was nice and lively and long and really enjoyable. Not a great Champagne, but a very good one, especially at the price ($30 delivered).

Now I just need to open some Burgs and I’ll be myself again.
Cheers! [gen_fro.gif]

Michel - sounds like a pretty nice Champs for $30 delivered!!

No Champagne for a month? You must have been very, very bad. [diablo.gif]