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Hi Patrick, I think the Piquette should hold up for about a year, so if you get them now, it should all be great for summer next year. Just store it the same way you would your other wines.

Cheers Pete

Revisited the wines tonight; kept them just simply corked and the piquette+viognier in the fridge, and the two reds in a cold room. The only wine that showed signs of deterioration was unsurprisingly the piquette – I think it’s just a wine that needs to be opened and drank right away. You really shouldn’t keep leftovers of it. Kinda like leftover beer…

The reds stayed pretty consistent with my initial impressions and I thought that the skin contact viognier may have even gotten a little more expressive!

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Brian G r a f s t r o m and A. So, Thank you so much for reviewing the wines and also your later posts in the day too.

Thanks to all the members that made some purchases. We shipped some out today and will be shipping some more out tomorrow. The should all arrive by Thanksgiving…

Except of course that specified to be shipped after Thanksgiving.

We have our wines in a number of locations around Los Angeles and Santa Barbara County, but at the moment, that’s it so far. We are looking to get to other regions too. We are always available for order online at And Please follow us on Instagram for all the news and updates on new releases. We have some exciting wines to come between now and next Spring, including Dolcetto, Grenache and our signature Petit Verdot.

Great meeting you all.

Cheers Anna and Pete

P.S. We will leave our offer open for a little while longer incase people want to dip in again.

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I wasn’t able to do anything on the 17th but yesterday and today the “shop” feature on your site hasn’t been working. The little circle goes round and round.

Works for me.

The wines arrived today. We are enjoying the Sangiovese with Tamales. The fruit works well with the spice. Very enjoyable.

Looking forward to getting my Sangiovese after Thanksgiving.