Few TNs from the last few days...

My basement flooded with a series of severe storms (the wine room is protected though :wink:
Anyway Ive had 4 days to drink wine while crews tear up my basement and my yard…

2006 Clio
Big sweaty nose with some raw beef. The palate is thick, with lots of glycerin. Blackberries, oak, and a little bitterness. A little heat in the finish. I hadnt had this Clio yet and its the first one I think will improve with a little more time.

2004 Novy Gary’s syrah
Awesome blackberry, beef, and black pepper on the nose and palate both. Right out of the bottle this was rocking and finished sweet. I let it sit for several hours and the finish got clipped and some astringency started to show. I wasnt quite sure what to make of that, but right out of the gate it was one of my favorite Novys to date.

2006 Outpost Zinfandel
I really wanted to love this, but I didnt. Nose of grilled steak and black fruits which I normally flip about but it was restrained. The palate showed subdued black fruits and a suprising lack of pepper. It was good, but not great.

2003 Quilceda Creek red wine

2006 Carlisle Pietro’s Zinfandel
There is one way to describe the nose on this…fresh. I dont think Ive ever experienced this with a wine, certainly not a zin. Not necessarily mint or eucalyptus, but almost breezy? There were dark roasted fruits in the nose as well which made it all the more surprising. The palate has lots of bright red berries (which I would have expected to smell given the freshness) some back pepper and a significant ammount of tannin. What a weird but compelling wine.

2004 Justin Isoceles
Soft nose with some baking spices and horse sweat. Viscous palate but not mouth coating. That is not a typo. Like a jam that sticks only to the front of the tongue. Some cranberries and smoke. Still tannic. I dont see this evolving into a great wine though.

2006 Turley Ueberroth
About freaking time an 06 Turley showed up to play for me. Great nose of oily sweet strawberries, pepper and some tarragon. The palate carries through viscous sweet berries with some tart candy. Long finish with a bit of heat. A delicious bottle.

2006 Williams Selyem Pinot Central Coast
All the 06 have been weak, and its not my style to begin with. This followed suit. Simple and mild cherries. Not much else to report. Moving right along.

Sometime during the last 4 days I ran into the open half bottle of RL Buhler fine muscat, now open for 10 days and Ill be damned if the heat didnt dissipate to leave creamy figs and maple syrup. This stuff is fit for ice cream. Everyone who got a sip loved it. Huh.

Lyrique 2005 Syrah
I had had the 2004 twice. Both times I thought it is a solid syrah and great for the price from Garagiste. The 05, however was amazing for the price. Huge ammount of smoky bacon on the nose, dark fruits and buttered corn? The palate was big and full of bacon, grilled meats, and red berries. Long ass sweet finish. My best syrah QPR this year, possibly ever.

2004 Longboard Syrah RRV
Never had one of these before. Smokey and spicy nose. Some chocolate and flowers. The palate is full of ripe, luscious blackberries. A little heat and a nice long finish. Not much in the way of complexity but great for pure fruity enjoyment.

A lot of big wines.

Who, me? flirtysmile
I believe finesse belongs in a shampoo bottle.

Outpost has not been kind to you in 06, has it? Try the True if you have it. Glad to hear at least 1 bottle of the Turley is good…

You know, Im going to. I was waiting on the True, but I should to make sure its them and not me. I passed on the 07 zin and grenache because Ive been so dissapointed, and was planning on buying the cabs but I guess I should taste the 06 cabs first.

'06 Outpost zin has been very good for me…like three or four bottles worth. Passing on the 2007’s is probably a mistake IMHO. As for the '08 True…DO NOT MISS IT!

Dont get me wrong, the 06 zin wasnt bad, but after the grenache water, I wanted to be in love with it. Not planning on passing on the cabs at all. Going to pop an 06 true today or tomorrow to set my mind at ease…

So I opened the 06 Outpost True as a follow up. No decant. Big mistake. Like sucking on a nail for the first two hours. No nose. Ofter that it started to show some dark fruits and chocolate but holy crap what a tight wine. What I did see was good enough to buy the next round though.

Also opened a Hermann Donnhoff Riesling Spatlese Norheimer Kirschheck 2004. I think this was highly rated. Not my favorite Donhoff. While it was salty, had some peaches, lychee, and nice acid, it didnt have the body that I like in rieslings. It was very good, but I was hoping for more.

Humberto - have you had the 07 Selyem Central Coast by chance?

It got rave reviews but I am stuck on similar thoughts to yours regarding the 06 vintage.

Rofl! I love this line Humberto!

Havent had the 07 WS CC, I might pick up a sprinkling of 07s but I really never had one that blew my mind. 06 was just watery for a lot of producers I seek out it seems.

Charlie, I have 50 different ways of saying that because its true :wink: