Ferren release tomorrow

Will you be buying?

Not sure.

We drank a bottle over the weekend and it was wonderful…earthy, balanced fruit, etc…but I am on triple secret budget probation.

looking forward to the release. One of my favorites!

Looking forward to this one!

In for a mixed case.

Never had one, how does this compare to other pinots. More on the AFWE side or the dark fruited side? Any comparable producers?

The pinots are very good, but for me, the Chards are the star and where my money goes here.

At the Rudman Estate for a blind CA pinot/burgundy tasting a few months ago, I was surprised that the 5 I’d consider buying were the 2010 Rochioli, the 2011 Marcassin and three different burgs (also liked the '01 Arcadian but it faded quickly for me). Couldn’t stand the younger CA pinots (KB, Will Selyem, etc), but more than half of the group thought differently than I. As the winemaker was at Marcassin previously for a number of years, I consider them stylistically similar. BIG wines, not sure they are AFWE, but they aren’t fruit loops either.

Anyone know when wish list requests will be notified if they can be filled or not?