FedEx, UPS Stop Shipping Retail Wine to Florida

Just got this note from a NY wine retailer. I live in Florida:

Dear Madam/Sir,

Unfortunately, I have some disappointing news. Your state no longer allows direct-to-consumer alcohol shipping from out of state retailers. In the past this has been largely ignored by many states, but as of now, all major carriers have been instructed to halt all transportation of alcohol to consumers in your state from any out-of-state retailers. We have been given a limited time frame in which we can release orders currently in our possession from our facility to the recipient.

At this point, we must ship your order that is currently HOLDING, ASAP (on or before Monday, 9/18). You’ll receive FedEx tracking information for your shipment on or before 9/18. If you need to modify your shipping address, please let me know immediately.

I apologize for this as I realize it is not an ideal situation.

For your information, direct-to-consumer shipping may still be permitted from a winery, but not from a retailer. We strongly feel this is both anti-consumer (winery pricing is significantly higher than retailer pricing) and anti-competitive, but until such time as carrier companies allow alcohol shipping to your state again, we have little recourse.

We would strongly encourage you to reach out to your state representatives and express your feelings on this situation, if they receive enough negative response they can enact new state legislation to give you the same opportunity for purchasing as the states that allow fair competition. Below are some links to provide you more information.

More info:

Legislator contact info:

Restraint of trade against retailers, on the part of the wholesalers. Period.

Bummer. Saratoga Wine Exchange is holding a case for me, to be shipped to Florida later this year. But also odd, since one LA retailer just reconfirmed that they still ship to Florida, and they ship via FedEx too.

Ditto, with two retailers in the Bay Area–still able to ship to Florida. One uses either FedEx or UPS, the latter uses FedEx. I talked to Keely at the Saratoga Wine Exchange in NY. Had to cancel my order. When I mentioned that Cal retailers are still able to ship to Florida, she said this is something that just came out in the last 24 hours.

I would strongly recommend that you not name retailers that ship where they aren’t supposed to. Good way to end that pipeline…

There are other threads on this topic, notably this one:

And maybe edit the posts and remove the names or delete them . I once posted similar information and was sent a PM from someone who works at the winery to please edit/delete my post.

You can think I’m just being a pain in the you know what, but you really should change the title of the thread. The retailer, and believe it or not, the shipper, BOTH want to ship to you. It’s the STATE that is stopping them. The retailer and the shipper both make money selling you wine.

Ah, the land of free markets!


By shipper, do you mean wholesaler or distributor?

I think he means, FedEx, UPS or…

Yes, that is what I meant. FedEx or UPS.

Interestingly, I don’t think there is a third company that would be on list. If there was, then they would be shipping. States only seem to work with UPS and FedEx to cut off shipping. The states threaten huge fines (and now lawsuits!) against FedEx and UPS to get them to stop shipments (although it’s still be selectively, and not in a broad blanket).

Ah, yes, that makes more sense; thanks, Truett.

Changed the title. I think that makes it pretty clear.

The US has free or fair trade agreements with:
Costa Rica
Dominican Republic
El Salvador

The United States does not have a free or fair trade agreement between its states. Retailers may ship wine to the following states plus the District of Columbia.
New Mexico

Retailers may ship to the following state if they obtain individual permits and adhere to specific restrictions:
New Hampshire
North Dakota
West Virginia

Not even 1/3 of the states in total. Yet wineries can ship to how many?

This just hit me too, from a store mentioned earlier in this thread. I got a case a month ago from them, but no more - at least for now.
Fortunately I have a relative in that state, only a couple hours away from me, so they can still deliver to someplace not terribly inconvenient.
And Gary’s just sent out a sale announcement on 2014 Ch. Gloria. I guess none for me. :frowning:

What the heck, is this legit? I have about 15 cases coming from NYC, was waiting until October/November for better weather.

Yea, I had to cancel a case from NY heading to FL. Fortunately, Vinopolis (Portland) had the same wine which they shipped to Eugene this week. I also have a case from an unnamed LA retailer going to FL in Nov/Dec. They use an unnamed carrier that is not UPS or FedEx. PM me if you want additional info.

I see this thread every year. Wine will be shipped. No need for the sky is falling talk. e-mail/call the retailer and make arrangements.