FedEx Rant.

This is the second time in the past several months that I’ve become very frustrated with FedEx over a wine delivery from a West coast winery. In both instances I received notification from FedEx by email that I would receive a delivery of wine on a Saturday and that an adult 21+ needed to be available to sign for the delivery. No delivery window was provided, unlike UPS which now provides a 4 hour delivery window.

In both instances I waited at my house all day on a Saturday and FedEx never showed up. In both instances FedEx tracking showed the Saturday delivery into Sunday night. In both instances FedEx finally updated the tracking data to show a Tuesday delivery. No delivery window given. Adult 21+ needs to be home to sign for the delivery.

So here I sit on a Tuesday, again, waiting for FedEx to show up, who knows when.

In this era how is it possible that a company of this size does not know where a package is and when it might be delivered?

I’m pretty sick and tired of wasting multiple days in a week waiting for them to show up. There has to be a better way. I think it’s called, anything but FedEx.

Paul, sorry to hear of your troubles. I actually have the same problem, but with UPS. Not sure where you are located, but if a Fedex Office location is near you, they are happy to accept on your behalf for no charge. Hope this helps.

Not all FedEx locations will accept packages. Trust me, I know, as I have to drive 17 miles each way and pay to park in order to pick up FedEx packages. Or I can pay 4x the shipping and pick them up a mile from work. Either way sucks.

And it doesn’t help when the fulfillment service that the winery used did not send a notification email, so I had no idea the wine was even coming. Not in the in box, not in spam, nowhere.

UPS is so much easier for me. I am down to two wineries that ship via FedEx. Thinking long and hard about dropping them despite the fact that I really want the wines.

Paul - FedEx offers an option to have wine held at a pickup location for 5 days. I’m not sure if it’s an extra cost or not. I’ve ran into the same problem and now have it delivered to my office.

In the same boat. Waited all day last Saturday for a delivery, only to have a mythical “exception” appear on the tracking record. Then the wine sat all weekend in a Fedex facility across the state line, and Fedex would not let me retrieve it. Hopefully it will be delivered today.

Then there is also the FedEx Home Delivery vs. FedEx Ground Delivery. The former delivers on Saturday and not on Monday, while the other is Monday to Friday. If tracking a package on Ground, it might show arrival on a Friday and on truck for delivery, but there is no Saturday delivery for Ground. So, it sits somewhere. Last week, I had a delivery at 1pm by FedEx Home and did not get a package from FedEx Ground until 7pm. Both packages were put on trucks at the same suburban facility. Rather inefficient to have two trucks come to the same place on the same day.

Ah, the old “I swear we tried!” routine. This is obnoxious.

We requested a FedEx pick up at a clients house and got 3 different excuses on the same call (wrong address, no one was home, couldn’t find it) when they were there the week before.

At least with FedEx I can re-route a delivery to the local FedEx/Kinkos office while the package is enroute. UPS will not re-route until at least one delivery attempt is made.

Its always regional, for me Fedex is better than UPS for others its the opposite.

I think we are very hard on these companies, can you imagine taking your workplace organisation and multiplying it by whatever to get to the size of a UPS or Fedex. Millions of packages, thousands of offices, hundreds of thousands of employees. I an thankful that it works as well as it does for the most part.

In terms of rerouting, i am signed up for both UPS and Fedex accounts and i reroute easily for wine to be held as soon as i have a tracking number or info notice

Not true. I have my UPS packages held at the depot a mile from my work with no attempts being made. And I do not pay for that privilege.

Difference is that Fedex will reroute to a kinkos,UPS will only reroute to a depot so for me its a 1 mile trip for fedex and 50 miles for UPS

If there’s no adult signature required, they will route to the UPS store next to you. But if it requires an adult signature it has to go to the depot. Makes no sense.

I have tried many times with UPS and once the package was enroute, they would not allow me to re-route until one delivery attempt was made.

If Amazon ever decides to get into the shipping business (they basically already are, but only for their own business), they’ll crush Fedex and UPS.

Sign up for a UPS MyChoice account. With the free option you can have it re routed to the local hub. The FedEx option for re routing to a FedEx/Kinkos is the best option for me. Both UPS and FedEx have done goofy things with my orders. FedEx pickup is more convenient for me.

I had a bottle shipped FedEx from New York last Monday, so far it’s been in: New York, Keasbey NJ, New Carlisle IN, Lexington NE, Morgan UT, Roseville CA, Sacramento CA, Garrison UT and is currently in Aurora CO all on its way to Minnesota.

UPS will also do a UPS store. But then the UPS depot is 1 mile from my work, while FedEx is a 34 mile round trip.

I had a similar experience recently. The date shifted from Saturday to Tuesday late in the week. I wonder why it becomes Tuesday rather than Monday? Anyhow, I gambled hoping I could get home in time to sign after work figuring if I missed it once I would have it sent the FedEx store. I just received confirmation that the package was delivered and signed for by me. I bet they left it at my front door but I’ll find out when I get home.

FedEx Home delivers Tuesday-Saturday. Regular FedEx is Monday-Friday. The Saturday is supposed to help catch people at home versus at work.

They delivered here around 2:00 so at least I got my package.

I really don’t think we should give these companies a lot of leeway. In this era where information is always available from any location via the cloud, these companies should have minimal hiccups. That doesn’t appear to be the case. Problems are fairly routine. They should rectify these issues or prepare to get out of the way of a company that will do this right, whether that be Amazon or someone else.