FedEx Is Coming Apart at the Seams

Two “attempted” deliveries Friday and Saturday. No ring, no call. Had to redirect it to the FedEx store.

Because we, or the wineries, paid for home delivery. FedEx charges an extra fee for an adult signature. That should be refunded/waived if they customer has to pick up at a FedEx site since you have to give an ID and sign anyway.

Not everyone has a car, lives near a site, etc. It would be one thing if I wasn’t around to accept the package three times, but when they fake the attempt multiple times, it’s insulting.

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This has been my soapbox! Shipping wine is by far the most expensive shipping cost I incur on any product I purchase…like by orders of magnitude…yet, we are treated like dirt because, god forbid, we are shipping alcohol. It is judgement supported by our weird laws, intended to punish and restrict, in hopes we will all give up drinking alcohol. That aside, in this era of GPS and AI, there is zero excuse why this very expensive shipping process cannot be improved.

But the wineries do unknowingly contribute to the issue. They use 3rd party shippers, who are the customer of UPS/FedEx/etc. Even though the cost was charged to us as part of the transaction with the winery, us paying customers are powerless because we are not the ones who actually pay UPS/FedEx. Quite frankly, I think that could be better lobbied by the wineries.

As to shipping to the FedEx/UPS store…sure…but they have limited hours and only hold for a couple of days and it is not close nor convenient to my house. There are so many better ways to handle these very expensive shipping transactions, but it is just easier for everyone involved except the actual customer, to keep the status quo.

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All the delivery services are terrible. At least FedEx doesn’t charge extra for redirects (unlike UPS).

ITB here, this all looks the same from the other side – unfortunately we’ve found FedEx is generally the least-bad on a very short list of bad options.

Having some work done at my house… FedEx let our construction guy sign for a wine package while we were both out at our jobs.

On Wednesday I receive notification that a package requiring an adult signature has shipped and will arrive on the following Wednesday. Then, on Friday an update says it will be here on Monday. Monday isn’t great for me because I have several appointments outside of the house. I think to myself, no way it will arrive Monday. You can count on FedEx to be wrong, always. Friday morning update changes delivery to Tuesday. Woke up this morning, update says it’s out for delivery.
This is a problem with their systems. Fix it please.

I noticed that too. I had a parcel that was originally due to be delivered on a Tuesday from CA to NJ. It was later updated to Sunday. On Thursday it was in NV. They didn’t reupdate until late Sunday and then it was back to Tuesday. The parcel still showed the delivery date as Sunday most of the day Sunday although it was not on a delivery truck or even near the area.

If I know I am not going to be available I have no issue with sending to a place where it can be held. If I know I will be at home I expect the driver to make the delivery.

Second time in a weeks time (last was with UPS) driver says he tried to deliver and made no attempt. I called customer service knowing that they would not be of any help. A few years ago I had an issue and was in contact with the local hub and had the number in my phone. I called that number and the person I talked to while helpful was like “how did you get this number and customers were not allowed to call it”. I explained what happened and within 30 minutes the driver was delivering the package of Realm. Driver never said a work about missing me, he almost walked away without my signature.

UPS driver didn’t knock. My dog would go crazy if he did. I was also sitting right up front waiting. I check the security camera and notice all he does is already has the “sorry I missed you sticker”.

I called CS because this was already a package that was delayed and it was an engagement ring that I pretty much needed that day. The driver came back, but I was like WTF.

Last time I had wine delivery by UPS, I paid extra money for a window… it never came on my weekend. It came the NEXT day. I was unable to get a refund even though they didn’t deliver on the date I paid for.



things worked out… otherwise you’d see me posting boxed wine daily. :rofl:

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