FedEx Is Coming Apart at the Seams

One of my Bedrock boxes had very similar tracking, and arrived yesterday afternoon. Never showed as “out for delivery.”

I requested UPS because I’ve redirected to a UPS Store before. Just not Bedrock. Usually FedEx. Bedrock followed my request. Unfortunately the shipper they use for UPS (M7 Wine Solutions) blocked the redirect of this shipment. So Bedrock requested a return and shipped a new order via FedEx which I can redirect to a local Walgreens.

Great customer service on the part of Bedrock.

Yeah, but look at all the trouble you started with this thread. joking

I got some insight on that from a shitstorm 2 weeks ago. They have FOUR out of sync systems. The email and text notifications don’t give the same information, and those can be different from the tracking link on their website. I had a winebid delivery scheduled for a Thursday. (Was hoping to bring one of the bottles to work the next day, but not that important.) Got notification it was out for delivery. Waited around all day until a 2pm notification of failed delivery. False information, but a warning that was the first attempt, anyway. Had a housemate watching for it the next day. Notification it was out for delivery. Notification of failed delivery. Warning that had been the second attempt. Housemate had heard nothing and no post it.

So, I signed up for their app. Why would I need that when I already had email and text notification and the tracking site? Apparently, because that’s how you get adequate service. Like, there was an actual customer service phone number to call. So, after a long wait on hold I talked to a very nice person who had access to the actual true information. Placed on truck both days, but not delivered. Among other things, he promised it would go out Monday and be delivered.

So, I’m off working Saturday and got a text in the afternoon of the third and last failed delivery attempt. No prior notice it was out for delivery. Guess what? That false information was contradicted by their three other systems. How fucked up and incompetent is that?

What it looks like is they’ve modernized in stages, but have some sort of compatibility issues, so can’t sync up the most accurate info to text, email and the tracking site. There are so many basic issues that should’ve been a priority, but obviously aren’t.

Then, there’s my driver, who insists on delivering to the neighbor’s porch or just leaving stuff in the driveway. Ugh. I guess if you’re in a crisis with a shortage of acceptable employees, the fundamentals have to take a back seat.

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When did Bedrock offer shipping via UPS? I thought they only used FedEx. I tend to prefer UPS. I live near a hub and ship it to that address to be held for free. That said my last Bedrock delivery via FedEx actually came on a Thursday when I would normally expect it somewhere between Friday and Monday.

Not sure. I just looked back at my order history and they all just say “ground”. No shipper indicated.

It’s very recent.

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Can’t speak for them, but I’ve seen wineries using different shippers depending on the destination, so they might use 2 or 3 shippers on a single release. Cost, legal headaches, etc.

Even locally, with a non-wine order from Costco, they split my order into 4 boxes shipped from 2 locations (even though either one of them had all the items). 2 boxes came UPS, the other two FedEx. (Guess which two were by the front door and which were in the driveway.)

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UPS was at the door

UPS just threw me the BS lie for the first time in a few years.

1:23 P.M. Delivery Attempted
The receiver was not available for delivery. We’ll make a second attempt the next business day.
ARLINGTON, TX, United States

BS. I’m sitting right here. No door tag. Ring camera did not record anybody at the door. Nothing. Nada. Security camera didn’t even pick up a big brown truck out front.

One of the reasons why I have shipments held at the local Pack and Ship. I hate waiting.

I work from home so the waiting part isn’t a big deal to me. It’s only the lying part that bothers me.

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