Favorite Riesling from USA ?

I have an accelerating interest in Riesling (fueled a bit by my moderate OCD). I have ignored Riesling for a long time, but I recently grabbed a few bottles on a whim (I would usually just walk by them!). I enjoyed these wines, so now I am off exploring more. Suggestions for U.S. Riesling are welcome. I’m especially interested in those from OR, WA and NY. Thanks.


My experience with Domestic riesling is limited but I have enjoyed Chat St Michelle’s Eroica bottling over the years. Our Costco carries it for ~$17.

My favorite NY FLX Rieslings are:

Wagner, “Caywood East” Dry Riesling
Hermann J. Wiemer, both their entry level and single vineyard.
Boundary Break, has a good range from bone dry to lusciously sweet

Wiemer is really good.

Despite my longstanding love of the grape, I have not done too much domestic exploration.

Wiemer Dry Reserve stood apart during my trip to the Finger Lakes this past summer.

Ravines Argetsinger Vineyard is the best I have had and I have tried most.

Yes this one is special. True vineyard specific expression. Not dirt cheap but worth every penny and unique in the world of Riesling. Absolutely a hidden gem and worth the price of many Euro examples.

Left Foot Charly and Wyncroft make some Reislings I’ve really enjoyed, but they are from Michigan.

Weimer, Ravines, and Dr. Frank are all good rieslings in my book. [cheers.gif]

Smith Madrone and Paetra - you won’t be sorry with either.

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I’ve really enjoyed Smith Madrone’s rieslings the last couple vintages. Very fairly priced to boot too.

Many of my favorites (Ravines, Weimer, Dr. Frank, Paetra) have been mentioned above but I would add Teutonic Wine Company from Oregon plus Nathan K, Heart & Hands, and Bloomer Creek from FLX.

I’m a big fan of Paetra.

I like Weimer, too.

I’ve had my share of domestic rieslings but at a recent tasting at Flatiron Wines I came across probably my new favorite. It’s the Reserve bottling of Empire Estate. It’s labeled dry, but it drinks as an off dry. I had the 2016 vintage. This was the most Mosel style domestic riesling I’ve had. Very nice wine.

Reeves and Dashe, both from McFadden Ranch in Potter Vlly are good, with some gout de petrol.

I was asked to try the Riesling of Project M. The bottles have arrived. Letting them sit for a bit.

Keuka Lake Vineyards is another to consider.

Navarro has a new reserve bottling called Deep End Blend (a program they’ve used for Pinot Noir) that has a percentage of fruit from the property I manage. Release date is April.

Ravines argetsinger vineyard - Old wines from limestone soil, stony, mineral, complex

Weinmer Magdalena Vineyard - Silt loam soils, vibrant nose, richer on the palate

Bloomer Creek 2nd harvest Autumn vineyard Tazen dame - More like Auslese, but great acidity balances out the sweetness

For me, they are world class.