Favorite Kabinett Producer?

Getting ready for summer sipping…

I went away from German rieslings for a while. Not really sure why.
Drank a lot of spatlese, and recently rediscovered Kabinett.
In another thread I made some mention that I bought a case of Selbach Oster…just love the acidity and flavors.
Also bought a bunch of 08 Donnhoff for $17.
In order to diversify, I am thinking of buying more but from different producers…

I had a Hexamer (I think?) at LOS last month and thought it to be excellent.

Who are your favorites for Kabinett?

Not seeing Donnhoff at that price here but St. Urbans-Hof is usually an easy buy at $14-$17 for Kabinett year-in-year-out.

Donnhoff and Haag are my favs, so many good ones at this level…great to see interest in Riesling growing

a fan of Willi Schaefer. Good price on your Donnhoff!

AJ Adam is probably my favorite these days, but the price for his Kabinett is higher than many. I adore Haag and Selbach Oster as well. But of course, there are scores of great Kabinett out there.

Though I don’t have as much experience w/ AJ vs other producers, the last few I’ve had have been simply outstanding.

Weins Prum
JJ Prum

Not sure if it really counts, but Egon Muller’s auction Scharzhofberger Kabinett is a nice wine.

I’m also a big Haag fan, and the older Grunhauser Kabs are awesome.


Lyle´s recommendations are perfect. If you look for dry Kabinett than buy “von der Fels” from KELLER

You will find the Keller wines in SF by DeeVinWines

Avoid the Grunhaus Kab Trockens unless you don’t like the enamel on your teeth.

I like Willi Schäfer.

Did you see this:

http://www.nytimes.com/2010/04/14/dining/reviews/14wine.html" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

I keep seeing Haag but some reason keep passing it by.
Will have to try now.
I still like bubblies and other whites, but for me, dry riesling seems to be the best summer sipper.

I love the dry Rieslings from the Ruwer River -

Even the QBA’s are compelling from the MAXIMIN GRUNHAUS - a long time favorite -

Not an expert or well versed, but I like the Rheinegau (brown bottles) region Kabinetts. Schloss Vollrads was always a nice drink for me.

Lowes, but I’ll take Home Depot in a pinch.

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