Favorite experience in the Mosel?

I’m planning a trip to the Mosel Valley this year and am wondering if anyone has any favorite experiences from the region. Good be an outstanding vineyard you visited, incredible hotel, or amazing restaurant. Could be something else, just looking for what you found special in this area.

Thanks in advance!

Schanz for food. But a revisit wasn’t at the same level.

I’ve had many amazing producer visits but that was largely because of the company I kept.

We had dinner at the Weinhotel Richtershof - near Max Fer. Richter - at the Culinarium. Amazing wine list including many old ausleses. https://www.viamichelin.com/web/Hotel/Mulheim_an_der_Mosel-54486-Weinromantikhotel_Richtershof-6a093qbk

Great tastings up and down the river - Prum, St. Urbanshof, etc.

Had a nice lunch at Hermannshöhle Restaurant Weck which is just down the street from Donnhoff. I would certainly recommend visiting both of those spots if you get the chance.

Agree. Very nice place to stay as well.

No doubt fine suggestions but not in the Mosel.

Really appreciate all the great suggestions. I’m hoping to go maybe September/October time frame and am really looking forward to this!

For shopping, check out Weinhaus Porn in Bernkastel-Kues - great selection, friendly people. Also check out the vinothek at the Zeltinger Hof. Markus is great and has a pretty awesome selection by the glass, bottle and to-go (the latter category having some shockingly low prices).

I’m going to be at Schloss Lieser and Markus Molitor near the Weinhotel one day during our upcoming trip, might need to book a dinner reservation there :slight_smile:

Side trip to Burg Eltz, dinner outdoors in the ruins of a delapidated monastery above Bachrach, sounds corny, but a day boat down the Rhine.

We did a Rhine excursion on our first day after flying in from the west coast and found it a nice way to overcome jet lag.

Burg Eltz is indeed pretty spectacular. Burg Metternich is a nice way to walk off your dinner in Beilstein.

Don’t forget to visit the Richter estate. Great tasting of beautiful wines and we spent all morning talking philosophy with Dirk.