Favorite East Coast Wine Site/Shop

Thumb’s up. This is an excellent store with knowledgeable staff. (Just for clarity’s sake, the web address is bassins.com even though the name is officially Addy Bassin’s MacArthur Beverages, MacArthur being the street address. You’ll hear it referred to as MacArthurs, Bassins, and sometimes by old timers as Addy Bassins).

Like Matt, I am slowly weaning myself of reliance on west coast suppliers. In part that is due to the increase in shipping charges, the disappearance of the sales-tax subsidies buying on line used to provide, and a greater consciousness of my carbon footprint. I am not buying a lot of wine anywhere these days, so the question is less pressing, but I find myself looking for local or at least east coast providers these days. Looking at my most recent purchases I see I have bought from zachy’s, Flickingers (CHI), bassins, cellaraiders, and millesema (in addition to a few special bottles from wine.com and wineaccess).

Locally, I also shop occasionally at Calvert Woodley and Arrowine.


All already mentioned, but Bassins, Chamber St, and Saratoga are my go-to’s when my local shops don’t have what I want.

That reminds, me, I have a pickup waiting at Bassins.

More limited in breadth, but very deep in their selections is Weygandt Wines. Warren is excellent and if you like any of the producers you’ll probably find you like the rest too. Prices are very competitive since they direct import all of the wines.

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Lovely shop and really nice people. But as you say, a pretty narrow range of wines available, at least from my limited experience.

yeah I forgot Saratoga. I’ve only used them a couple of times but with good experiences each time

I mostly agree with several mentioned: Empire, Saratoga, CSW. B-21 used to be good but obviously many on the boards have reported this changed.

I’ll add Cellar D’Or Wine and Cider. Great selection and pricing with very reasonable shipping.

Apex Wine Solutions - Thomas Kobylarz. I didn’t know there were two Apex.

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I’ve had good experiences with Wine Library, although their selection is not what it once was.

This is true.
And Eric (Apex Fine Wine) was one of the good guys at Carolina Wine, who helped some of us “get out.”

The best part is picking up wines and staying for dinner. They have an incredible wine list.

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thanks for all the suggestions everyone! I’ve looked at Bassins before but the recc’s really help with the confidence level.

where is millesema located? Flickenger has some good finds but the volume requirement for a lot of the listed items rules me out for being too much of a repeat customer there unfortunately!

NYC: https://www.millesima-usa.com/

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I go for lunch

Is there something about that place and Maine? [winner.gif] I buy from them often. Not a super large collection, but very well chosen and good service. Been to the shop a number of times–Matt is a really nice guy.