Favorite Cold Couscous Recipe?

Need to use up some couscous and thought I’d see if there were some dynamite recipes out there that I have yet to try. Looking for a cold side dish.

Not a big fan of raw tomatoes if they are a highlight of the dish. And I don’t like black olives.



I like flavoring an oil here to make a dressing. for example:

you could fry some kale in olive oil and garlic then toss with the couscous and some sherry vin. steamed cubed squash or carrots for color. Persimmons would be lovely here too. As would some pheasant.

Predict this explosive thread goes 7 pages at least. [basic-smile.gif]


I was contacted by Fred Arnold and he is gong to have me on Out of the Rough.


Man, if you can riff for 12 minutes on the subject of cold couscous, you are wasting your time here. Time to move to Morocco and write a memoir about the trials and tribulations of an American trying to make it in the hyper competitive couscous business. You could sell your artisanal couscous on futures direct to hungry American gourmands.

Try using Fregula as a sub for couscous. Makes for some really great side dishes.