Favorite Aligote?

Aligote can be wonderful useful, and occasionally, amazingly complex.
It is a shame that the bulk wine industry has killed the grape’s reputation, as it used to be the principal white wine of Burgundy pre-phyloxera (ask Laurent Ponsot about it if you have 30 minutes)…

What are your favorite experiences with the grape? Say whether you love it for “gourmandise” (simple pleasure) or complexity…

For me:
-Denis Bachelet for Complexity
-Hugues Goisot for Gourmandise

Honorable mention:
-Michel Lafarge
-Andre Ramonet
-Bruno Clavelier


Lots of time it’s whichever one into which I’m pouring Creme de Cassis [tease.gif]
but a BIG +1 on that Lafarge–great stuff.

I’m opening 09 of that crazy Ponsot Mont Luisants next month so I’ll let you know there.

de Villaine

Domaine Ponsot Morey St. Denis 1er Cru Clos des Monts Luisants Vieilles Vignes

For sheer complexity and perfume it has to be the Ponsot MSD Clos des Monts Luisants. I think that it has become a better wine since it moved to a 100% Aligote with the 2005 vintage.

I’m also a fan of the Aligote’s from Roulot and Sylvain Pataille

The 2010 Ponsot is the best Aligote I have had. de Villaine’s is consistently good and I like Leroy’s for its exuberance but it is very expensive.

Roulot with some age

I’ve not had the Roulot, but the d’Auvenay is in a class of its own compared to the others -even the Leroy- mentioned here. It had better be, because it is three times as expensive.

Several good choices were already mentioned, but I also like the Naudin-Ferrand “Clou 34.”

I was introduced to Boisson Vadot’s wines through their Aligoté. I still admire their example’s faithful expression of Meursault. Lafarge is a delightful example (they also have a great PTG).

  • A. et P. de Villaine Bouzeron (great QPR)
  • Jayer-Gilles Aligoté (super fresh and crisp)
  • Ponsot Morey Saint Denis 1er cru Clos des Monts Luisants Blanc (older ones got a bit Chardonnay, a bit more complex than regular Aligotés, but far too expensive)
  • de Moor Aligoté (goes down like nothing, but great)

Anybody had Coche-Dury Aligoté? Never had it so far. How is it compared to other good [I hope the Coche is good :wink: ] ones?

Ponsot and then Ramonet.

Ramonet and, surprisingly, Bouchard’s Bouzeron aligote which I prefer to the to me slightly muddy Villaine.

Funny, I’m finishing a half bottle of the 2011 De Villaine Bouzeron in my hotel room right now. I don’t have a lot of experience with Aligoté but it is absolutely delicious (2010 was too).

Sure Ponsots Monts Luisants, but this is more Monts Luisant blanc than Aligoté …

Bouzeron / A + P. de Villaine

The young 08 from Buisson-Charles remains a highpoint for me…


Patrick will be well chuffed when he reads your plug. [wink.gif] He lurks here even if he doesn’t post. I’ll make sure and ask him for it next time, since the last time I tasted there it was “en malo”.

@Chriss the Coche-Dury 2008 tasted last month was brilliant nothing less - so much vibrancy and elegance and a crystal clear acidity and although a bit young still ( was decanted 3 hours) a really nice Aligote:-)

Guess I don’t understand this statement, Robert. All the Aligotes I ever see are from quality producers…many mentioned above.
I guess my (2’nd) favorite is the de Villaine Bouzeron.
But my favorite, I think, is the Calera…because it’s from Calif…it just has to be better!!! [snort.gif]

I’m a fan of Bachelet’s aligote, although I haven’t tried a lot of other examples. Ponsot’s example is on my list to try in the near future, however.

@Mikael W.F.
Thanks Mikael, sound really worth trying!