Fass Selections?

After hearing an interview by Cru podcast with Fass Selections, I was super intrigued. Googled his web site and signed up for email offers. That’s been 2-3 weeks ago and nothing has been sent to me yet (I did check spam.)

Also there is no way to order any of the wines on his web site and when you click on his listing of available wines, it takes you to a separate blog with no way to order as well. What am I missing?

I then thought I would contact him but there is no contact information on either site.

I know a lot of you buy from Fass so how do you actually give him money in exchange for wine?? [cheers.gif]

If you are in accord with his palate, Fass is an excellent vendor.

They ship twice yearly, almost everything is purchased via email response, although they have occasional offers of “overstocks”, and you are always welcome to inquire about something which was offered in the past.

He has my credit card on file, the system works very well for me. Great selections (again, if you like the styles) of generally hard-to-find wines at fair prices, excellent provenance.

I get offers daily, you should contact him to make sure you are in the system. Small operation, so the service is personal but may take a little time.


Good luck!

Call Cheryl at 949-378-5251. They don’t like taking CC info via email.

Ah ok, so if I see something that is still for sale I can email him to grab those bottles. As he has other offers, he emails them out to me and I can respond. He then collects everything and only ships out twice a year. Did I get that correct?

I was looking through some of his past offers and they seem to be exactly what I love.

He sends out offers usually 4-5x/week by e-mail and includes the most recent previous offers in the e-mail that are still available. But if you go to the website there’s a full list of inventory for what’s left that hasn’t sold yet. It comes up again in an e-mail just before they start shipping season in the fall or spring.

Lyle has a lot of good producers in his stable and has worked hard to find good under-the-radar wines. Once you get on his list you’ll find his prose a bit over the top but I haven’t had a bottle that I haven’t liked.