Fascinating article about the wine list at Lutece in 1962

Things were indeed different:


Very cool and my birth year to boot. I wonder what wines were in this lot and how much it went for?

Good read, thanks for posting Roberto. Reading the 1st page of that wine list made me realize how much has changed over the years, people were more humble/appreciative back then.

Great link. Someone needs to turn that list into a Truetype font.

Very interesting.
I think the author’s conclusions re why Burgundy is listed only by appellation/vineyard as a US vs European issue are incorrect, I believe back then most Burgundy wines were negociant not domaine bottled, it’s not a US thing that we concentrate on producer, but a modern thing. She says “But this wine list illustrates that this is not the case everywhere” when what it illustrates is the growth of domaine bottled wines.

A wonderful piece of history that itself helped make wine history in the US.

I have a centennial wine list from Antoine’s in NOLA’s 1940 celebration, compiled and written by Frank Schoonmaker. I will have to scan it sometime, VERY different:

Marquis de Murietta Rioja BLANCO Reserva (described as "the Corton Charlemagne of Iberia) is the most expensive white on the list full of Burgs and Graves crus.

This was a great link. Had two lunches in Lutece during med school years so particularly fun to read and remember.

I can’t help it, I wish they had the prices listed.

If you have to ask you probably can’t afford it…