Farewell from Bjornstad Cellars!

May 5, 2015
Dear NED,

Vintage 2015 is off to the races! The weather has been mild, albeit a little crazy and the frost season has been brief and forgiving. Growers report their vines are one to two weeks earlier than 2014, which was an early year. Humorous and wishful growers think we’ll be done with harvest by Labor Day!

Closing Time: It is with mixed feelings that I write my last e-letter as I have decided to close Bjornstad Cellars. The process actually began a few years ago, and now is the time to let you know, bring down the website and hang that sign on the door. I’ve sold the inventory, but have a tidy cellar with just enough souvenirs to remind me of the lessons, experiences and joys this chapter with Bjornstad Cellars has brought. To commemorate this moment, I popped a cork of the 2005 Hellenthal Vineyard Pinot noir and can tell you that that wine continues to make me proud. I am very thankful for all the support and encouragement that so many of you have shown me over the years; thank you!

Next Steps: Happily, I continue on with my vineyard consulting as well as being the consulting winemaker for Pfendler Vineyards. If you enjoy my winemaking style, you will enjoy the Pfendler wines that I have been making since 2007, please check them out! For those of you in the wine biz, keep an eye on this space for my next project; eVit, a vineyard database program to help us grow better grapes to make better wine.

Thank you for choosing and supporting Bjornstad Cellars!

I wish you all the very best! Cheers!