Fantastic QPR - $15 2007 Willamette Valley Vineyards Pinot N

Grabbed one of these at Costco this weekend. A very pleasant surprise. It nice to find a Pinot at this price point. I have got to explore Oregon more.

Red fruits on the nose. Forward red fruit flavors that finish with some warm baking spices. The fruit isn’t too sweet and is balanced out nicely with acidity and light tannins that build. Very easy to drink. Simply delicious sums it up.

Thanks for the note. I have two of these as gifts. Have never been that impressed with this producer, or especially this bottling, so have pretty much let them sit. Your note will prompt me to drink them up soon.

Good to hear it turnedout good. I think the Cloudline for the same price is a much better buy. I was invited to a wine dinner with the owner of this winery once and he is an A class ponce.

Willamette Valley Vineyards is publicly traded.

Cloudline is a project of Dreyfus Ashby, the American importer of Dom. and Mais. Joseph Drouhin. The wine is at least touched by, if not entirely made by, Veronique Drouhin-Boss of DDO.

I knew there was some affiliation with the Drouhins, thanks for clarifying. My Costco always has it for $15, so I usually grab a few. Back in the day, Restaurant Zoe here in Seattle used to have it by the glass for $6.

Paul - it is far from a knock your socks off. It’s a simple, easy drinking, tastes like Pinot and I don’t have to think about it wine. In this price range, I’d drink this over a Castle Rock anyday.

Cloudline sounds very interesting. I’ve seen them locally. One I have to try.

Ditto. Not that I’m doubting Tim. I haven’t had the specific wine and 07 is my OR vintage sweet spot.


I can definately see that, especially if you are more of an Oregon vs California person. I’m more california today, but seem to be heading in the Oregon direction.