FALLTACULAR 2022, Saturday October 22nd, Noon @ My House in the OC

Everyone, good afternoon. Let’s launch Falltacular and raise some $$ for Laura’s House! It’s more than overdue.

WHEN/WHERE: Saturday, October 22nd from Noon - 8pm. We’ll have it my home as usual.
With the event 2 months away, we need to sell tickets. Given the unknown amount of attendance I may see for the event, I have decided to use the parameters I created for Falltacular 2021 that we COVID cancelled. We will sell tickets in 2 waves. Please read the following carefully to understand in which wave you fit.
WAVE 1, to be sold starting NOW.

The guests in this wave will have a guaranteed 10 days to purchase (through August 26th). After August 26th, any unsold tickets will be reallocated to WAVE 2.

For WAVE 1, the following guests will be invited to buy tickets:
· Decade of Support (DOS) Guests. 60 tickets. These are guests who have paid and attended for at least 10 years total. If 2022 will be your DOS milestone year, I will consider you DOS for purposes of this year’s ticketing. If you are unsure if you are part of this group, please reach out to me. Note—if you have customarily attended as a DOS couple, you will be counted this way, which means a DOS couple cannot de-couple and then each invite a person.
· Top Silent Auction Buyers. 10 tickets. I want to thank the top 5 silent auction buyers from 2020’s event by enabling them to also bring a guest. I will personally reach out to the 5 of you again so that I can remind you.
· Out of State Guests. 10 tickets. I want to honor those who invest the extra cost to get here (buy airfare, rental car and additional hotel room nights). If you live outside of California, you are part of this group.
· Winemaker Guests. 20 tickets (presumes 10 winemakers plus one guest each). Winemakers do NOT pay.

After August 26th, WAVE 1’s ticketing period is over. I’ll then send out communication that WAVE 2 will begin.
The following guests are WAVE 2:
· Repeat/New Guests. At least 40 tickets*. This cohort is the group of people who are not defined in WAVE 1, or who are new to the event. More simply, you will fall into this group if you are not a winemaker, out of state or 10 year attending guest.
*NOTE—there may be more than 40 tickets in this category, dependent on unused tickets from WAVE 1.
PRICE/HOW TO PAY: To lock your tickets, we will revert to each person mailing a check, made out to LAURA’S HOUSE, not to exceed 2 tickets for your check. The price will be $125 per ticket, which is an increase from 2020’s event. This increase ALL goes to Laura’s House, to increase our support of their work.

Mail your check to:
c/o Laura’s House
33 Journey, Suite #150
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656
Once the checks start coming in, I will post a small file so you know you are paid/confirmed.

As for the SILENT AUCTION, I will need items as usual. If you want to donate, then post, direct message or email me (drfm3@cox.net) and I will capture your donation. You will then bring the items the day of the event, or coordinate with me prior for those who can’t attend but want to donate to the auction. We will use the bid sheets this year again.

STEMWARE is under review. We usually give a glass away for each person to use. If we cannot make that happen this year, we’ll revert to asking you to bring a stem or we’ll use some of the leftover stems from year’s past.

FOOD. Same drill as always. Bring one item to share/grill.

FRIDAY BYOB DINNER. I want to do it. Working on a menu, will post that in the next few days. Gonna be around the $80 per person figure…more to come once I have the menu. To be held @ Giana in Dana Point.
Let me stop there and allow the post to run and if you have questions, holler. For now, if you are WAVE 1, please write your check and mail it–you have 10 days to get it to Laura’s House.
Thank you all, let’s have a great year, recognizing things have been hard but we’ll soldier on and show the charitable leadership that has defined all of us for the past 14 years.

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OK Frank. I will start the planning process to be part of the event—thanks so much, as always, for the work to set it up.

As before, I can’t mail a check as they won’t cash a Canadian check down there—let me know how you’d like me to handle that.

Mike, thank you. Consider your self locked as part of Wave 1 given you are out of state. Just give me the cash the day of the event and I will be sure it gets to Laura’s House. Glad you’re coming, dude.

Hoping I’ll be able to make it this time! I’ll wait for wave 2 and see what happens…

Adam, we’ll know in the next few days how fast attendance is filling up. I really don’t know what to expect but my suggestion is that if you want to attend, and it would be great to have you here, please get your check ready and be prepared to have it arrive in the mail to Laura’s House on August 27th.

Hello everyone. Wave 1 attendance ticketing closes today. If you are a Wave 1, please mail your check if you plan to attend (although most of Wave 1 seems to over on Facebook so the date here is likely old news). Wave 2 will start tomorrow so if you are a Wave 2 person, meaning less than 10 years coming to the event or are someone new to the event and want to attend, go ahead and mail your check.

As for the Friday BYOB dinner, it does not look like we will get enough attendance to do the buy-out at Giana. We have about 40 people interested in doing the dinner but that is at least 20% below the number I need to hold the dinner. Tomorrow is the deadline for expressing interest for that so if you wanted to attend, please post something so I can get you into the count. If we don’t make the minimum #, then my plan is to post here and on Facebook a short list of local places that people can book on their own to do dinner around town for the Friday.

Good morning. Wave 2 is open so anyone who wishes to purchase up to two tickets ($125 each and tax deductible) can mail a check to here:


c/o Laura’s House

33 Journey, Suite #150

Aliso Viejo, CA 92656

Thinking ahead, my target for attendance would be a goal of 100-125, and I think we will come in on the low end of that range, given the year and dynamics that are still around us all. Ultimately, the event will be smaller than what we are accustomed to but that’s OK. Our goal is fellowship, underpinned by charitable leadership to raise money for Laura’s House mission to confront and mitigate the damage of domestic violence.

I will have an updated attendance list early next week which I will post. I will also shift the attention to the silent auction and see how much we can collect for the garage, which in correlation with the attendance for the event, I would expect the auction to be smaller too. If you have auction items you want to donate, send me that info now.

Here is the link to the Best Western Marina Shores hotel we have used in years past. They only have 20 rooms left and have blocked those off for us and the reduced rate is only available for a 2-night reservation. It’s a mix of room types and the link below will take you to the reservation page. These rooms are only blocked for 3 weeks, so please make those selections ASAP. Parking is waived for the stay so make sure you aren’t charged for that.


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Room booked, thanks Mike!

I was hoping I’d be able to come back and visit OC for this, but unfortunately the timing doesn’t work for me. Fingers crossed that things align better next year. Have a great time, everyone, and take lots of notes and pictures!

Was in Toronto for 2 weeks and then got covid on the way back, so now I’m just catching up. I assume I missed the boat? No problem if so, it’s on me to get my act together!

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There were plenty of spots available when the second wave opened a week ago. Check with Frank or just send a check in to Laura’s House. If they’re sold out they won’t deposit it unless you want to donate.

Frank hasn’t updated the Facebook page either so I doubt it’s sold out.

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Please attend, Adam. We are going to be fine on attendance so just follow the instructions in Post #1. Thanks for the support.

Hey everyone. I wanted to wait to see how attendance would shape up and with that now clear, there are plenty of spots left for the event. Let me provide some key updates for those who are interested:

ATTENDANCE. We are close to 60 paid, which is below what we would have in a normal year. This year, I’m not sure we will get to 100 total so the house will feel open and different, especially during the busy times of 2-4PM. So, if you want to buy up to two tickets, please mail a check using the instructions in the first post.

FRIDAY BYOB DINNER. Still short of what we need for the buy-out. I need another 10 people to indicate they will attend. If we don’t have that commitment by 9/10, Saturday, I will let Danielle know the buy-out is off for this year. If you have not told me you want to do the dinner, please reach out to me.

POURED WINES. I’ll start this week by asking the winemakers to send me their commitment list. Since we are in the middle of harvest, the collection of the wine data will be slow. As I get it, I will add it to the master file. We have plenty of winery commitment so we’ll have a lot of wine, as usual.

AUCTION. Again, with harvest going on, winery commitments are not posted yet. But, if you want to make an auction donation as so many of you often do, please post or send that to me and I will add it to the master file. Like with attendance this year, I do expect the auction to be a smaller version of usual but we will still have one and this is a key source of fundraising for the event so think of an item if you want to help (or of course, bid and buy at Falltacular).

VOLUNTEERS. Still need help this year as always: set-up, front door check-in, station support and BBQ. Master file shows the time slots. Please send me a note if you are helping so I can add you to the schedule.

MASTER FILE. Here is a link to the file. I will update a few times a week as I get data. Dropbox - Falltacular - Simplify your life

Questions? let me know. This will be a different kind of year for the event, and both Laura’s House and I are thankful for your support.

Folks, I wanted to mention some good news, a surprise from an anonymous yet generous soul from the Wine Berserker community. A check arrived to Laura’s House for $46,000 to help with the fact we have struggled to raise money the past 18 months. This kind of leadership generosity is humbling, a credit to what we all have created together, a deep purpose to help others and do something meaningful. To the donor who sent in the check, THANK YOU! This helps our work, it helps Laura’s House to meet the needs of the community, for those fleeing, trying to separate and start over from the deadly impact of domestic violence.

Remember everyone, what we do matters, is seen by others and motivates the heart. We all have made that difference so please believe in yourselves, in the power of community to produce leadership that changes lives.


Wow. That is incredible news, what a great way to start my morning Frank. Blessings and thanks to the donor.

I want to post the Friday BYOB dinner announcement here, and while I know most of the Falltac crowd is hooked in via Facebook, some of you here lean on WB for your info so please note the following if you are interested in/want to attend the Friday BYOB dinner.

Danielle Kuhn will once again host us to Maison in Dana Point (as we did in 2020) for a high-quality family-style dinner. With the whole place to ourselves and a smaller # of people (about half as compared to 2020), we’ll have a lot of room.

To affirm that I have enough people for Danielle, I want to get at least 40 of you paid, which we can do starting now via my Venmo account. I will keep track of what comes into my account and log it to the Event File. And because we are smaller this year, please consider your payment as a lock as I want to discourage any cancellations. We have NO wait list this year to lean on, plus we are buying out a large space so consider your payment a lock of good faith to be my partners in pulling this off.

$80 per person all-in (tax and tip included) per person. BYOB as many bottles as you want but you need to bring your own stem this year (we will do the event glass only on Saturday for this year).

My Venmo account is @Frank-MurrayIII. Please start moving the payments ASAP so I can see what we have. I do believe we can make the # but I need everyone to jump on this now.

Thanks everyone!

Lots of updates to the Event File this morning. The Friday dinner payments are posted. Plus, the silent auction commitments are filling in, along with the winery to be poured commitments. And, the payment for Saturday tickets is also current. Use the link below to see. NOTE–you will not be able to open the file from your phone. You need to be on a tablet or some kind of computer. Thank you.

Good morning. Couple things in support of Falltacular…

The Friday dinner. About a dozen of you that expressed interest in attending have not yet Venmo’d me your money to lock your spot(s). Please do that so I can see how much attendance we have. The Event File link below will show you who has paid, who has not.

The Saturday main event. We are just one ticket short of raising $10,000. THANK YOU! For an unusual year, and in the context of the past few years, this is a grateful number. We are still accepting payments for tickets. Total paid attendance right now is about 85.

Silent Auction. Is building nicely. Please commit your items to me via message or email so I can get them listed.

Volunteers. Need help at the stations during the event. If you can take an hour, please message or email me so I can add you.

EVENT LINK (Note…this will not open on a mobile phone–you need to use a tablet or laptop) >>>. https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fo/v60v3rrdcnev9u1znzxx0/h?dl=0&rlkey=y5axj1cmezf993m93ml7merkk

Be back with you with a new update next week.

Good morning. A few updates on the event for those interested…

FRIDAY DINNER. All the money is collected. We have 39 paid…Thank You! Space will remain for the dinner and I’m happy to take on more RSVPs as we have bought out Maison which can very comfortably hold more folks. And for those who have paid, please, stick with the dinner. I want to avoid losing people because of the buyout so stay committed!

EVENT LINK (won’t work on mobile phone). https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fo/v60v3rrdcnev9u1znzxx0/h…

SILENT AUCTION. We’re close to 40 lots now. If you want to donate an item(s), reach out to me so I can get it added.

MAIN EVENT. Still under 90 paid. My sense is we’ll get to about 90, so about 60% of normal attendance. However, we have raised over $10,000 now so that is beautiful. GREAT results.

VOLUNTEERS. I still need. Take an hour to help me if you are attending. I need help in the afternoon to ‘station watch’–open bottles, dump spit buckets, etc.

That’s it for now. We will have a smaller event this time, one that will feel different from an attendance POV. I’ll be curious to see how that feels, but for certain it will be more roomy on that Saturday!

Thank you again everyone for your generosity and effort to help us provide leadership and support in our efforts to serve Laura’s House.