Falltacular 2017, 2/18/2017--FINAL DETAILS...see Post #80

As Fall arrives, so does the planning start for Falltacular. Last year we celebrated our 10th year and raised just over $30,000 this past February. We had a great event and like every year, I stop and reflect as we look to the following to keep improving the event, our ability to raise money and to keep things fresh.

To not get too far out ahead, I want to place this post and set the stage, as I know some of you will be attending or maybe will make this your first year. As with all past years, there is an FAQ, which can be found using the Dropbox link below. And, inside this same link are the changes I am implementing to the 2017 event. Both documents are a short read and they can help fill in the picture for Falltacular. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/n6y1k2ej149jed7/AADIiGx9OvLuYGF75mYjyrl4a?dl=0

Please pay most attention to the changes that involve attendance. Ultimately, I want to see everyone have a chance to attend but it will be important for 2017’s event that you mail your check to attend as quickly as you can once I call for them, likely early December.

Finally, we have created a Facebook page, called OCFalltacular. It’s where you can see photos from past years and interact in another platform if that is what you prefer. I will commit to keeping both Facebook and WB (here) updated so when one site receives info, so too will the other. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1390241461006038/

Thank you all for the many years of support, and to Todd, for this forum, as it has been the driver of the event’s success and we march on together for another year!

Frank - really looking forward to the 11th anniversary event. We’ll plan on donating wine glasses again for this year’s event!

Awesome–these were a great add to last year and we are jazzed up that you want to do them again. Hell, they are now my house wine glasses, love them.

ARRRRRRRRRGH…2/18 is my son’s birthday! Since the event changed to the third week of February a few years ago, I’ve been dreading the year it would nail his birthday! Is there any way it can be the 25th? Otherwise, it we’ll most likely miss the event for the first time since 2010.

Andrew, sorry man. I know your boy comes first and so we’ll miss you in 2017. Maybe you can make the Friday night dinner and find some meeting in the middle, so to speak.

BTW, I failed to make an essential connection in my first post. The financial reason we do this event is to support Laura’s House here in South Orange County, CA. www.laurashouse.org. We also do it to raise awareness about domestic violence. Visit their website and learn a little more about what they do and why. Someone you know is suffering as a victim, so be better informed so that you can understand the problem and how to support the solutions.

Apologies, I know it was a pushy to ask for a different date, but I had to ask. Oh, well, as much as I enjoy Falltacular, it cannot compete with my son’s happiness on his birthday.

The International Alsace Varietals Festival here in AV is the following weekend this year so I think I will be able to make it this year. I plan to buy a ticket and donate wine either way just like last year. Great cause Frank!

I’ll look at the changes for sure, but Hijo de Sueter fully plans on attending once again, Frank. As always, looking forward to it—hoping to join in for at least some of the Friday activities this time once again.

All best,


We’re excited, and the calendar is marked!

Would not miss!!! champagne.gif

Shilo and I are back! Definitely in. Excited to be a part of such a wonderful event that supports a great cause.

Where the hell have you been? Happy thanksgiving to you and Shilo! [cheers.gif]

Yoni, wow, good to see you back and for supporting the event–a big thank you.

I will be making the announcement soon, when we ask you to mail your checks. Please be ready.

Finally, let me take a minute and ask those who will be attending that when you ultimately write your check that you consider $100 per person, above the minimum of $85. That $15 will help go a long way and in light of us reducing attendance for 2017 to make the house more comfortable, the additional funds do help. Please also know that I will not be posting the donation payments, only that your check had been captured and you’re locked. This gives all of you freedom to do the minimum, or something more per ticket as you wish.

Holy hell, Yoni and Shilo are there? Wild dogs couldn’t keep me away now!

Hahaha! Mike, Frank, Todd…glad to be back. Really focusing on career/kids the past few years has taken me away from here for a bit. But things seemed to have settled now and am excited to join the fray again. (Even if it does mean I have to put up with Todds wise-ass remarks again…) :wink:

The Prodigal son returns! Break out the fatted calf. And wine! [cheers.gif]

Waiting patiently to send my check!!! [wow.gif] [wow.gif]

OK, it’s time to send your checks! Here are the details again in simple review–please review these before you mail in:

  1. $85 minimum donation, with my invitation for you to donate $100 per person. Since I have reduced attendance this year to create more event comfort, the additional donation would help. I will NOT be posting who donates what amount, only that your check has been received and you’re confirmed.

  2. You may mail a check for up to 2 people total. So, if you are coming solo and want to bring a new person, do it. Or, you attend as usual with a spouse or friend, write it for 2. All new people to the event will be contacted by me, my policy is I know everyone who attends.

  3. Your check must be made out to Laura’s House and mailed to the following address. You can convey (my 10 cent word for the day!) your check however you like–mail, drive it over, overnight, etc. On your check, in the memo section, put your phone # so if we have to phone you (you’re new to the event or the wait list has begun), we can reach you.

Falltacular 2017
C/o Laura’s House
999 Corporate Drive, Suite #225
Ladera Ranch, CA 92694

  1. Total attendance. I have 150 set as my goal. This includes everyone who will be in the house so I encourage you to handle your check timely. Once we reach the collective attendance goal, I will start a wait list. We would then contact the check mailer (you!) and ask if you want to be wait listed or have your check mailed back.

That’s it. Let’s get cracking!

Check is in the mail ---- looking forward to another great weekend [cheers.gif] [cheers.gif] [cheers.gif]

Wow, checks are already hitting on Day 1, you folks are fast. We’ve collected $2,500 already. And, as I said over on Facebook, I am going to keep the event file public, easy to see. If you are not a Facebook person and instead want to see the file using Dropbox, you can go to Post #1 and click the Dropbox link. The Excel file I have stored there will show you payment/guest info, winery commitments, silent auction list and the volunteer schedule. All of these pieces will change periodically as the event builds and evolves.

Thank you all for the support, keep sending the checks for now and we’ll get after the other pieces shortly.