Falltacular 2013--Poll To Select Event Date Is Closed--THANK YOU!

Which of these 2 Saturdays in February would you be most likely to attend Falltacular?

  • Saturday, February 16th
  • Saturday, February, 23rd

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Running an event like this, our goal is to achieve the most attendance. However, picking a date is not an exact exercise, as there are scheduling conflicts with both winemakers, the wine guests and other events. Based on that, and I am working with the winemakers as well to understand their timing as I want them to attend with you, I’d like you to complete the simple poll below if you are planning to attend the event. Your feedback can help me arrive on the best date, and we can set that and move forward.

Either day works for me, but I voted for February 16th as the following Monday, Feb. 18th is a holiday for some.


Duh, the sooner date of course. (per my edit below, although sooner would be better, I have a conflict the weekend of the 16th that will create a tight schedule, so I change my vote for the 23rd)


Looks like we are not making it easy for you with 5 votes for each date so far! I voted for the 23rd, but can make either date as well. Reason for voting the 23rd is that doing an event over a holiday weekend can be risky as that is a big travel weekend for many. We avoid holiday weekend travel, so no issue for us. It will also be easy to convince my lovely wife that a pre-Falltacular dinner (presuming there is one) with 60 of her closest friends on the 15th will be an acceptable substitute for a Valentine’s dinner. She loves that event! [cheers.gif]

We’ll plan to attend either day.



I voted for the 23rd because we have opera tickets for the 16th. If Prpo 30 does not pass, I might be off for the entire week.

Keep voting, plz. Thanks for taking the time!

I don’t have a strong preference. I’d prefer to have this on the holiday weekend, but I’d also like Nancy to not miss the pre-Falltacular dinner, so I’ll just remain non-committed.

As, that is nice , Larry. If the 16th is picked, we would probably exchange opening night opera tickets for during the week. It will all work out ok.

Crap…it’s my son’s 2nd birthday on Monday the 18th, and we’ll have his party the weekend of the 16th. Big problem! How do I change my vote to the 23rd?


You KNOW I’m committed to take part either weekend . . .thought as I mentioned on the phone, I am pretty sure I am booked for something over the 3 day weekend, so my vote is for the 23rd. That said, I will be there - perhaps in wine only - either day!


OK, so i let this run for 2 weeks and the voting is close and each date has impact to some, like Larry who is busy yet has been a steadfast supporter of the event, and Nancy who has come for several years, as well as Andrew. These folks wanted the 23rd but the votes added up higher to the 16th and given the 3 day weekend that is made through the Washington’s b-day on Monday, it would make for easier traffic on Sunday for those who may be driving home, folks like the Stonekings, the Caplans, and others who annually stay over on Saturday night.

We’ll be going with 2/16 and I hope for those who voted for 2/23 that this will not deter you from coming. !!

Not keeping me away! Opera during the week and our annual visit to daughter and granddaughter in AZ for Presidents’ weekend will be the following weekend. As I mentioned, I will have both weekends as three day weekends and possible furlough days for the three week days between.

Thanks for organizing a great event, Frank!

Frank…thank you for special consideration, but the people have spoken. It will be a busy weekend, but fortunately I have a holiday Monday that will provide a buffer.