Falltacular 2013--Feb 16, 2013 @ Noon: WE DID IT AGAIN--THANK YOU!

Good morning to all of you. We ran a couple of threads recently to gather feedback/announce event changes and also select a date. As I see this event as a time to collaborate and ever improve, this was the objective behind asking you to participate in these other recent threads and I appreciate those who took the time to share what you thought. I have work to do now relative to building the event out, which includes amongst other things getting the running list of wineries posted for you to start seeing. I have begun that list, it is pasted below. I am still working to confirm the wineries from 2012, but for 2013, I also want to invite other wineries who may want to learn more about the event to contact me directly. A simple email is fine, which can be done by using the email icon or even the private message icon below my avatar on the left.

I keep all the event info in a Dropbox folder, so all of you can view the information. The Dropbox contains a shared folder, where you will find both an FAQ that explains everything about the event, as well as an Excel file that will actively be updated as we track forward to February. This Excel file will show which wineries will have their wines poured, our volunteer schedule, our silent auction listing and the confirmed attendance list once your check is received. All in one place. Note–when you open the Dropbox link, several folders will appear. If you try and click on the Excel folder, it will open a new screen and on the top right of your screen, you will see a “download” button–click that. My own computer then hits me with an Explorer warning and I simply allow it to continue. Dont worry if you get this same warning alert, I’m not putting any crap into your computer. I promise. flirtysmile Here is the link: Dropbox - File Deleted - Simplify your life

More to come and in advance, thanks to all of you for the great success that Falltacular has become and looking forward to repeating that tradition of success for 2013.

OK! I am trading in the opera tickets for a week night. Can’t miss Falltacular!


Nancy and Arnie, as always, thank you for the strong support. Love you guys.

And to David Lewin, as usual, he is the first wine donator to the silent auction. He is putting in three 2009 Rhys chardonnays–the SCM, Alpine and Horsehoe. When I get the files posted for public viewing later this week, I will add information relative to the silent auction.

Much more to come, we are just getting started.

FAQ has been added to the first post. PS–don’t mail checks yet for the event…we’ll flip that switch in November.

Let the bidding begin [cheers.gif]

Only 144 more days!

We are all in.

We are all in.

I’m not sure if the double post was ironic, or intentional

Looking forward to meeting you ‘all’, David [snort.gif]

More wineries are added to post #1.

Of course I’d like to attend. I’ll take an earlier shift too.

Good morning to all of you. For those living in Southern Cal, damn, it got cold last night…I think the weather has certainly turned now to Fall.

Thanks to so many of you for visiting the thread, sending me questions and for the wineries, amidst all the harvest chaos, for replying back and signing on. As I said in the first post above, I have a Dropbox account this year where I am keeping all the event information, which will likely be just the FAQ and the main Excel event file. For those new to the event, the FAQ will give you the backstory on who we are, why we do this event and how to attend. The other file, in Excel, is the big daddy, where I keep all the event info related to the wines being poured, who is attending and recording your checks, along with the silent auction lineup and volunteer schedule. As I did in the first post above, here again is the link: Dropbox - File Deleted

What I need from all of you now is 2 things:

  1. VOLUNTEER POURING SIGNUP–please visit the Excel file and decide when you can volunteer. As with past years, some of you take one hour, some of you take more than one hour. Simply visit the schedule, decide when you want to pour and reply back here in the thread with a post and I will update the schedule. As with past years, I often need help towards the end of the event, so be mindful of that need, but do volunteer where you can spend an hour pouring. I appreciate that support.

  2. SILENT AUCTION ITEMS–we need to start filling out the auction list. When you visit the Excel file, you can see the items from 2011 and 2012. I have the fine artwork of Larry Piggins hanging in my wine room from last year, which you will see if you attend in February. Beautiful. We also have folks who will donate one bottle, up to a case of bottles. Whatever you can do, we will take and auction off, and last year, everything was bid for and sold! Hell, I remember after the Schrader/Maybach lot was sold, those bottles went right into the kitchen and into wine glasses–was a cool sight and thanks to Team Yamada and Steve Nordhoff for their bids and generous pours! Pledge your items either in a post reply or send me a private message/email and I will update the silent auction list in the file.

I think that’s enough for now. Expect me to ask for you to start mailing checks around Thanksgiving. Don’t send yet, as I need to make sure Laura’s House is ready to start collecting.

THANKS and let’s get going!

You can count on me to volunteer and pour for any time slot available. Happy to see Hillard Bruce added to the list of wineries this year. John and Christine are lovely people!

Frankster, I’ll take a 4 pm shift…upstairs with a view.

Looking forward to a 'tacular after having to miss a couple.

And those Piggins photos are incredible. I have one of some knarly vines.

Put myself and my wife Jennifer down for 5:00 volunteer spots. I’ll report back with an auction donation. Looking forward to it.

Frank - please put me +1 for the 2:00 spot and also to help with the pre-event set up. I’ll get back to you soon with an auction donation. Thanks.

Lisa/Dietz/Brian–thank you!

Paul, are you saying it’s you and one other person or just you?

I’m hoping to fly out for this. Can I bring some Burgundy?

Could Sahba and I have the 1pm downstairs (or upstairs, no biggie)?