I can’t be the only one here who craves a good falafel now and then, can I?
Was in The City to drop son off at college this weekend and had the best falafel I can recall having in a very long time.
Taim in the West Village. $6.25 buys you a huge helping of heaven in a pita. I tried the regular (parsley and cilantro) and the harissa flavored falafel “balls” and they were equally good. If anyone has had Taim and thinks there is better or equally good anywhere, I would love to hear about it.

For those of you that don’t know what falafel is… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Falafel

I agree. This place is one of the better places.

Thanks for pointing out my spelling error Dan. Fixed. I suppose pronouncing it fe-la-fel does not help with spelling it correctly.
Among other things, I think that what sets Taim apart is the perfect mix of Israeli salad and pickeled cabbage. The falafel is stellar, but I’ve had others where the falafel was superb, but ruined by sub-par mix of the other salad items and/or tahini was runny or off. Taim’s has everything right. The only thing about Taim’s that could be better is the pita. It’s fine, but a little thicker and dough-ier than I prefer.

We just had the best falafel I’ve ever had this weekend in our new neighborhood in Tarzana at the Hummus Bar & Grill. The pita comes piping hot out of the wood-fired oven. The best part is that they deliver to our new house… we are going to be eating a LOT of falafel and hummus.

When you said “The City” I took note since I thought there is only one [oops.gif]

The best falafel used to come from a little family owned place in Dearborn that’s no longer there. Out west, we’ve found some that is passable but nothing like it. I agree it’s the pickled vegetables that ultimately make it.

Just call me “Steinberg”. Dearborn? What borough is that in? Queens? Just kidding. I have no doubt Michigan has some great falafel given the Arab population there.

There are many excellent falafel and shawarma places all over the Detroit area. La Marsa, Grape Leaves, Falafel King and Jerusalem Garden are the first that come to mind.

Almost makes me want to take the four hour road trip to Detroit. Almost. Brings to mind Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr’s song “We Almost Lost Detroit”.

Ditto Jim’s comment. Only foodie bright spots in the Detroit area are coney dogs, Middle Eastern food, and apple orchards. And the apple crop was destroyed by a late frost this year.

The best bar none to me in the US in Mamoun’s in NYC in Greenwich Village close to the Blue Note on McDougall. For no money, some of the best falafel on the planet. $2.95 for falafel. Some great babaganouj for $2.95. It is worth the wait in line with all the college students.

Waiting in line at Mamoun’s. BTW, Shawarma is supposedly the best in the city.

For NYC I think Taim is great and I think Mamoun’s is equal or better and both are close enough that the motivated food traveler can do a direct comparison.

paging Suzanne Camhi:


Other than that there is a Lebanese place in Highland Park, NJ that makes a rocking falafel.


We love the Hummus Bar, next time we’re visiting in Calabassas we’ll meet there.

Awesome! Looking forward to it!

That sounds fantastic…

love Taim. haven’t been to Mamoun’s yet. need a good place in chicago. had passable falafel in Highland Park last night.

Hummus Bar in Tarzana is better than Fatoosh.
both in the fresh baked pitas and menu

I knew you would love Tarzana! That’s one of the best spots for falafel in the LA area. Itzik Hagadol is also very good too…

Thanks for the recommendation! We’ll have to get together soon and try it! It’s been way too long since we’ve seen you!