Fairfield County, CT

My local favorites:

Le Farm, Westport, CT - $20 corkage.

Nicholas Roberts, Norwalk, CT - $5 corkage, free if you buy from their store.

Neither has particularly good glassware.


For family style Italian, try Tuttis in Westport

For those in the Stamford area, Napa & Co sent out an email today announcing no corkage Wednesdays for July and August.

I live in Stamford. Anyone up for a offline in Ct?


I’m down for an offline. Shoot me a PM if your still interested.


Sal E Pepe in Newtown $15 corkage…great food too!!

Basso Cafe Norwalk
Bone Nuit New Canaan
Pasta Nostra South Norwalk (pretty decent Italian)
Le Penguin Greenwich. Ok French Bistro. Very Loud. $35 corkage
Cesco Italian Darien : Surprisingly good.Think 25 maybe 30 corkage.

For those who enjoy Tutti’s in Westport, there is a liquor license permit application now posted on the door…

Schoolhouse at Cannondale charged us about $20 corkage for a magnum.

Yep. Good food. I offered a pour of Sojourn pinot noir to the owner. I think he prefers serious Italian reds to California pinos.

Yes, they have a liquor license now, but they still have BYO with $10/b corkage.

Chef Luis in New Canaan in $20/b.

Bonne Nuit is now closed.

South End New Canaan. Think corkage I think 25-30.

Any Z Hospitality restaurant is $35 corkage and they are throughout FFd county.

Bernard’s in Ridgefield charged $40 when we went there for mother’s day. Fortunately the food was very good.

Olio on the border between Darien and Stamford has great food and I think 25 corkage. Chef was a winner at Chopped.

Man I started this thread a long time ago. Drank a lot of 09 Beaujolais with burgers and short ribs at Nicolas Robert. I gather that and le farm are both closed…haven’t lived in CT since 2012 though I do work in greenwich occasionally.

Reviving this one a bit.

Match Burger Lobster in Westport @ 25$/b
The Whelk in Westport @ 35$/b
The Cottage in Westport @ 35$/b

Overall doesnt seem many places stray from the approx 30$/b corkage charge

All good spots to eat.

I’ve wanted to get to Match/lobster